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How MYM Became The Remodeling Field’s Dominant Marketing Authority

The Two Decade Journey To Create MYM’s Uniquely Powerful Marketing System For Contractors And Remodelers

Monopolize Your Marketplace is THE authoritative voice on marketing for contractors and companies in the remodeling field. Certainly there are no shortage of companies and consultants claiming marketing expertise on the internet today, but TRUE authority comes from proof and experience.

The MYM journey began in 1994, when Rich Harshaw founded the company that was known then as Marketing Strategies. The firm conducted seminars and worked with consulting clients primarily in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. From the very start, Rich focused on a style of marketing that rejected muddled claims and concentrated on real-world results.

Rich set a goal to completely systematize the marketing principles that were generating so much success for his clients. He knew that systemization would be the key to even faster and more predictable results for his clients and that it would also allow him to train other consultants to use the system.

Innovating and systematizing the marketing principles proved to be a formidable challenge - true authority never comes easy. From 1994 through 1997, Marketing Strategies taught seminars at least once a month while constantly tweaking and fine-tuning their system. They worked with hundreds of companies in seminars, workshops, and one-on-one consulting relationships. Even during these times of testing and tweaking, they consistently generated huge returns on their clients' marketing expenditures and won the praise of their clients.

Finally, in September 1997, Rich went into the studio to record the first version of "Monopolize Your Marketplace." The system was finally finished and things immediately changed. Clients began to flock to the business and monthly consulting fees started to grow. In 1998, Rich added marketing fulfillment services, including printing, advertising placement, media services, design services, and Internet development. Profits immediately soared.

Rich now reached a critical moment of decision: should he continue to consult and make a huge personal income and retire within 3 to 5 years… or should he pursue his dream and build the nation's largest marketing services and fulfillment company? Rich chose the dream. In 1999, Marketing Strategies quit pursuing new client relationships and focused exclusively on building a network of professional consultants.

The book Monopolize Your Marketplace was published in January, 2005. It was also in 2005 that Tim Musch from Marketsharp asked Rich to speak to a group of 350 remodeling contractors on a tele-seminar. The contractors loved the seminar and Rich’s focus on practical strategies that actually worked. Rich realized there was a tremendous shortage of quality marketing training in the remodeling industry. Marketsharp began sponsoring seminars around the country, and over the next few years, Rich conducted over 30 seminars on the topic of lead generation, advertising, and internet marketing.

As a result, MYM built a thriving consulting practice in the remodeling industry. Clients paid $3,000 to $8,000 a month to work with Rich and his team to improve their marketing. But Rich’s biggest concern was the large number of contractors who could NOT afford his services. For every client they signed on, ten were turned away because they simply could not afford it.

So in 2007, Rich introduced his “MYM Insider” ongoing webinar training program; members had access to Rich via webinar training up to six times a month, including having direct access to him for ad reviews and strategy questions. The program was a huge success, but because many of the members didn’t have the time or expertise to implement, they still weren’t getting the results they (or Rich) wanted.

In 2011 the company decided to get into the marketing fulfillment services business. This required a massive shift in the business model; instead of being a training company, they had to staff up with consultants, copywriters, web programmers, customer service specialists, and fulfillment experts. They spent the next two years building systems and protocols to handle a large number of client projects simultaneously. This allowed MYM to make high quality marketing services available to all sizes and kinds of contractors at reasonable prices.

Marketing fulfillment services has become more complex for remodelers with the growth of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogs, Social Media, and all things digital. It has only made it clearer that contractors and remodelers need a trusted marketing partner to generate home improvement leads.

Monopolize Your Marketplace has met the challenge of the digital marketing revolution. Remodeling companies now turn to us for the best-looking contractor website design and the most powerfully-crafted online marketing messages. And, of course, better websites for remodelers and contractors has meant an increase in the quality of online leads for contractors and remodelers.

In addition, clients now benefit from MYM’s team of experts on SEO and PPC. The results have been transforming, with many businesses seeing digital-based leads double, even as the cost-per-lead drops.

Monopolize Your Marketplace is now THE recognized marketing authority in the remodeling field. Rich’s goal of making his contractor marketing system accessible to more companies has been realized.

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