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Rich Harshaw

Founder & CEO

Spend just 10 minutes listening to Rich talk about marketing and you’ll be enlightened—he has a real talent for breaking down complex subjects and making them easy to understand. Spend an hour listening to Rich and be prepared to throw out everything you know about marketing and start over from scratch. Spend 4 straight days in a training class with him and you’ll wonder how you ever survived in business without this information. His ideas are THAT thought provoking, innovative, and paradigm-shifting.

Rich has been a self-taught, self-employed, self-styled marketing authority since his college days at Brigham Young University in the early 1990’s. Upon graduation, he started his first marketing consulting company and quickly grew it into a multi-million dollar enterprise by sharing in his clients’ profitability. In 2000 he launched a company designed to increase the reach of his Monopolize Your Marketplace message; he recruited, trained, and supported over 1,000 marketing consultants all over the United States and Canada. In 1997, his wildly popular MYM Insider Membership program was launched, giving all sizes and kinds of companies easy access to his training and wisdom.

During his 20+ year career, Rich has developed, tested, and perfected his Monopolize Your Marketplace system. He’s worked with thousands of clients in every imaginable industry, both B2B and B2C—at last count, over 350 different industries. He’s conducted over 10,000 hours of live and webinar-based training for all types of companies, from mom & pop to Fortune 500. He’s written hundreds of articles on marketing and has been recognized as one of the true great innovators in the marketing consulting industry in the last 20 years.

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Bryan Bauman

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan’s impactful leadership has been crucial to Monopolize Your Marketplace’s success and has been a part of Monopolize Your Marketplace since September 11th 2001. As Senior Vice President of Business Development, he helped MYM grow like wildfire. But in June of 2015 the game all changed. He took on the role of Chief Operating Officer and has flipped the world right side up. Creating processes, changing protocols, holding clients and team members accountable and as he likes to say “making crap happen”.

Bryan’s leadership style is to set the right priorities and talk his team through the best solutions. His approach with clients is simple, straight forward – blunt and honest. But Bryan also manages by example and hard work. He’s the kind of leader who looks “under the hood” to see what’s working and what’s not and never hesitates to change or improve things when needed.

Bryan also has a talent for demonstrating Monopolize Your Marketplace’s value to business owners in a way that is immediately evident and is second only to Rich Harshaw (Founder and CEO) in knowledge and expertise. Many companies are grateful to Bryan for giving them an in-depth introduction to what MYM can do for their own business development.

In his personal time, Bryan is a voracious reader, consuming at least one book a week. His growing library includes science fiction, philosophy, self-help, religious and technology books. He also enjoys the rigors of physical activities such as soccer, golf, and weightlifting.

He measures the success and failures of his life by how helpful and productive he is in leading and teaching his two children and helping to influence others as well as his own personal growth. He is an active member of his church, attends regularly, and enjoys serving in volunteer positions.

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Katie Colihan

Digital Services Director

The SEO & Pay Per Click world is full of self-proclaimed gurus who are long on claims and short on results. In Katie, Monopolize Your Marketplace found the exact opposite of that kind of “guru.” Katie knows digital marketing backwards and forwards; knows how to get results; and will document it all for you.

Some of Katie’s more notable accomplishments before joining MYM include: speaking engagements on digital marketing topics at Villanova University; consulting with dozens of clients from doctors and therapists to accountants and restaurant owners on the importance of brand management; and published articles with both Brazen Careerist and Brand Yourself.

Katie came across Monopolize Your Marketplace by accident, but she’ll openly admit that it was one of the happiest accidents that’s happened to her so far. She can’t get enough of helping contractors with SEO. PPC, and other digital strategies. She is skilled at helping home improvement companies maximize their online visibility while educating them on the often overwhelming and confusing worlds of SEO, PPC, and Social Media.

Despite all her professional accomplishments, Katie confesses that her proudest moment was when she was in 4th Grade and she was quoted in Parade Magazine: “I think Mr. Clinton is really trying. And that’s what’s most important.”

Her current obsessions include: reading positive psychology books, doing 30 Day Challenges, furnishing her first house, eating pancakes, playing Mario Kart, and earning and her Ph.D. in Medicine by constantly re-watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Yext Certified Partner

Contact Katie:

Contact Katie for questions about Pay Per Click, SEO, Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Social Media, or Blog Posts.

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Elizabeth Hulett

Accounting Manager

Elizabeth stays on top of the numbers for MYM and keeps billing and accounts payable in very good order.

She’s excellent at what she does because of her educational background and extensive experience. Elizabeth has a degree from Utah Valley University and is currently working towards a Master’s in Accounting, and will eventually take the CPA exam. She’s also worked in every area of accounting since 1995, including Forensic Accounting, which she says is very fun and interesting if you’re a numbers geek.

When not adding and subtracting, Elizabeth raises two girls. They love the outdoors, hiking, going to movies, attending soccer games, and shopping. She is also an active member of her church.

Contact Elizabeth:

Contact Elizabeth for questions about billing or accounts payable.

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Dave Moffitt

Senior Copywriter & Consultant

Dave Moffitt crafts powerful, direct marketing messages for companies who are serious about grabbing a bigger slice of their target market. MYM Methodologies and home improvement marketing have been a perfect fit for Dave’s writing style and marketing philosophy.

Prior to joining Monopolize Your Marketplace, Dave worked as an independent marketing consultant and copywriter. And before that, he worked in management for Barnes & Noble in their College Division. Working as a manager, Dave developed a deep aversion to anything that blocks accomplishment. He enjoys knocking down obstacles and the sense of accomplishment that comes when you nail a marketing message for a client.

Dave is married with 3 kids – all boys – and lives in Wilmington, Delaware. He is active with his church, including a 2-year term as a member of the Executive Parish Council. He has been coaching youth sports for too many years, but his youngest son says he can’t retire from coaching just yet.

Contact Dave:

If Dave is your assigned senior copywriter, contact him for anything having to do with your Identity message, your website copy, or any other copy related to marketing packages purchased through MYM.

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Nick Nordstrom

Senior Copywriter & Consultant

Nick knows how to shape powerful copy that grabs a prospect and makes them want to know more. He possesses that special knack for creating memorable messages, but without ever letting cleverness get in the way of what great copy should always do first: sell.

Nick was originally going to be a journalist, but quickly found out the work-a-day world of a newsroom wasn’t as glamourous as on TV. Even so, Nick was a writer at heart, and soon found he had a real talent for copywriting. On his second copywriting assignment ever, he entered a contest to beat a control sales letter. Nick took second place, beating the control and 11 other copywriters (some of whom are considered “Copywriting Titans”), and received $2,000 for his efforts.

Nick was hooked, and now he loves using his word talents to increase sales for through powerful contractor marketing messages.

Nick plays the guitar semi-well and considers himself a movie snob. One of his dreams is to be on Jeopardy, because his brain holds a large amount of useless knowledge.

Contact Nick:

If Nick is your assigned senior copywriter, contact him for anything having to do with your Identity message, your website copy, or any other copy related to marketing packages purchased through MYM.

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Leslie Gerbrandt

Executive Administrator

Leslie keeps things running smoothly at Monopolize Your Marketplace. Need to make an appointment with Rich or Bryan? Go to Leslie. Have a general question about MYM? Go to Leslie. She’ll get you answers or get you to the person who can. Both Bryan and Rich will freely admit – without Leslie they couldn’t even begin to start or finish a full day at MYM.

Leslie has become an expert at juggling projects while delivering the best customer service - she’s been working in administration since 1999, and it shows. She has experience in several industries, including employment services, human resources, insurance, building supplies, and marketing.

Leslie loves spending time with her husband and two kids. She stays busy with church, soccer games, dance rehearsals, school activities, and shopping. She is very active at her church, including singing with the praise team and teaching in the preschool.

Contact Leslie:

Contact Leslie for general questions, administrative issues, or for scheduling with Rich or Bryan.

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