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Through The Roof With The GreenSky® Home Improvement Financing Program.

5-Second Credit Decisions. High Approval Rates.
Money Paid UP FRONT. Welcome To Stress-Free,
Profit-Producing, Business-Boosting Financing.

Let’s face it: Financing has its issues.

Endless paperwork, high fees, delayed payments, agonizingly long approval processes… it’s no wonder some contractors won’t touch financing with a 10-foot pole, while others only use it as a last-ditch attempt to close a sale.

Enter GreenSky®, a leading financing program in the home improvement industry.

When you go with the GreenSky Program as your finance program, you experience NONE of the typical financing hassles, hitches, and headaches.

No drawn-out approval process. No cumbersome paperwork. No outrageous fees. No “payment upon completion” junk.

That’s because the GreenSky Program is built around providing contractors with the easiest, most efficient way to boost sales and land more jobs.

Here’s how they do it:

  • Decisions in seconds: Your customer applies via website, phone, or the mobile app and receive a credit decision in as little as five seconds. This eliminates “buyer’s remorse” and customers who get cold feet during the application process.
  • Get paid within 24 hours: You receive up to 20% to 50% upfront funding in your bank account within one business day.
  • No paperwork: No need to fill out stacks of annoying, cumbersome paperwork—everything is done digitally (and securely backed up).
  • Upsell like a world-class salesman: The GreenSky Program offers high credit limits and may approve for higher than the job cost. This allows you to upsell successfully with practically zero effort and salesmanship.
  • No nickel and diming: Unlike other programs, the GreenSky Program requires no enrollment fee and charges only a nominal fee per transaction. The money goes where it should—in your pocket!
  • Leading finance program in home improvement: The GreenSky Program has over 11,000 merchants and 500,000 consumer loans across a wide range of categories, including interior remodeling, exterior remodeling, roofing, and HVAC.

Bottom Line: The GreenSky Program lands you more jobs, makes you more upsells, pays you faster, and pays you more.

GreenSky Program* Vs. The Competition*

GreenSky Advantage*

Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Competitor 3

Closing Deals

Credit Limit





Mobile App

Deferred Interest & No Payments

Work Can Be Performed Anywhere

Getting Paid

Faster Payments

Staged – 20% to 50% upfront

Payment upon completion

Payment upon completion to most partners

Payment upon completion

No Enrollment Fee

Borrower Use Of Funds

Merchant only


Merchant only




No Certificate Of Completion Required

No Sales Contract Required

*Competitor names kept confidential for privacy purposes.


My Customers Don’t Ask For Financing—Why Should I Offer It?

Just because your customers don’t ask for financing doesn’t mean they don’t want it. The fact is that almost EVERYONE would prefer to pay in small, affordable chunks rather than all at once—even if they have the money in the bank right then and there. In fact, recent research shows that, the better the financing terms, the more cash homeowners will plunk down.

What’s So Great About the GreenSky Program?

Everything… seriously. The GreenSky Program has completely revolutionized financing for contractors. Upfront payments, no paperwork, high credit limits, fast credit decisions… this is what financing is SUPPOSED to be.

Financing Costs More Money Than It’s Worth, So Why Bother?

Wrong. Homeowners who finance spend more (much more) on average than those who don’t. The spend amount goes even higher the better the finance terms. The GreenSky Program allows you to easily upsell and charges just a small fee per transaction. Your ROI will be through the roof.

How Does the GreenSky Program Help Me Upsell?

The GreenSky Program may approve for higher than the requested credit limit if your customer qualifies. For example, let’s say your customer wants new windows. Since your customer has some wiggle room for spending, you can say, “We can also perform that entry door project you’re considering for just $10 more a month.” When you put your customer’s project in those financial terms, it’s almost impossible for them to refuse. This scenario will occur on every single job your customers finance through the GreenSky Program.

I’m Happy With My Current Finance Provider—
Why Should I Switch To the GreenSky Program?

If you’re on this page, are you truly happy with your finance provider? Probably not. They likely do something that you’re not satisfied with. Maybe it’s their customer service. Maybe it’s the piles of paperwork you have to fill out before you can start. Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t pay you until the job is done.

Whatever your problem with your current financer is, it is likely not a problem with the GreenSky Program. Their business model is based on total, unequivocal customer satisfaction. And to achieve that, they’ve listened to what contractors don’t like about financing with other companies and have systematically eliminated all of them.

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As a bonus, the GreenSky Program has happily agreed to “roll out the red carpet” for MYM clients and readers who choose to do business with them. You’ll get exclusive benefits like…

  • Dedicated account management by your own personal GreenSky representative
  • Daily reporting to identify how to get most value from your accounts
  • Detail-level finance sales training and program launch training
  • New employee training
  • Educational opportunities at NARI events and access to ongoing GreenSky research

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*All financing is subject to credit approval and credit qualification. Financing for GreenSky® consumer credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or familial status.