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Company Growth By Using Low-End, Generic, Off-The-Shelf CRM.

MarketSharp Is Contractor-Specific CRM Software
That Easily Organizes Your Business,
Generates More Leads, & Boosts Sales.

If the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program you're using is not built specifically for contractors, you're hurting your business. Period.

Here's the truth...

Those generic CRMs you can buy at Best Buy or OfficeMax don't provide the features (jobsite lead generation, streamlined scheduling, marketing automation) that are crucial for a contractor to maintain and grow a business.

And the free CRM programs you can find online? They're so bare-bones and unreliable, you're better off going "old fashioned" and managing your business with a pen and an appointment book.

Enter MarketSharp: The market's most comprehensive CRM software designed specifically for contractors and remodelers.

MarketSharp is truly "Business In A Box." It provides every single tool you need to organize your business, grow sales, generate more leads, and accelerate your company's success.

Not only does MarketSharp allow you to effortlessly schedule sales appointments, jobs, and events, but it also includes groundbreaking marketing and sales features that aggressively boost your profits. MarketSharp has 330 built-in contractor-specific Success Elements that help you effortlessly crank your marketing efforts to "eleven." This includes jobsite radius marketing, automated email lead nurturing, and dozens of other crucial contractor-marketing elements.

Here Is How MarketSharp Is Helping Contractors Across The Country:

  • Generates More Leads: Utilize radius marketing and other sales tools to showcase completed jobs and drive more sales.
  • Converts More Leads To Sales: MarketSharp's Nurture Marketing system will help you close more jobs and can recover as much as 60% of your lost leads.
  • Boosts Productivity: You can access MarketSharp anywhere, anytime on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Streamlines Scheduling: MarketSharp lets you seamlessly plan and manage all of your appointments—no more scheduling headaches!
  • Increases Repeat Business: Follow-up marketing allows you to drive repeat sales and referrals to create lifetime customer loyalty.
  • Provides Detailed Reporting: With customized metrics and reports, you know your sales and marketing profitability down to the decimal.
  • Integrates With Essential Contractor Apps: From HomeAdvisor to Constant Contact to I-Capture, MarketSharp seamlessly connects with all of your favorite programs.

Bottom Line: MarketSharp is the only CRM on the market made specifically for contractors that streamlines your entire business AND is proven to generates more leads and sales.

If you are a contractor who is not using MarketSharp, you're stunting the growth of your company—it's that simple. Get MarketSharp today to improve your efficiency, streamline your processes, increase sales, and launch your success into hyper drive.

New and current MYM clients receive a big discount when they sign up for MarketSharp. Click here for more info.

Customer Reviews

There is a reason MarketSharp is the most popular CRM software among contractors. Here is how MarketSharp is helping contractors across the country in a variety of ways:

Lead Generation

"Leads, as you know, are very hard to get these days, and advertising is expensive. I have heard that some of the best leads are existing customers that are already familiar with your work and customer service. So, the first week in January, I decided to send out a letter to some of our customers. I used one of the MarketSharp templates (which made it so easy).

"I sent out about 500 letters, and I would guess we have had at least 20-25 customers call in. This one mailing from MarketSharp has been responsible for almost all of our sales in January!"

—Tammy Rogers, NC Siding and Windows, Inc.

Office Efficiency

"Thank God for MarketSharp. If we did not have this program, our leads and customers would be all over the place. MarketSharp allows us to keep track of almost everything in one program. WE LOVE YOU!"

—Julia Falke, 21st Century Remodeling


"Within the first five minutes of seeing this program, I knew all I needed to — it was for real!

From the moment a lead comes in and is entered the program starts to make you money. I can honestly say this program is the best thing to hit this industry since vinyl replacement windows. It is well thought out, user-friendly and in my opinion, the BEST money I have spent to generate leads in 35 years in the business.

The cost of program will be pennies compared to the amount of money it will generate for your business."

—Belinda Wilder, Extreme Exteriors Now


"Because of the reporting features of MS I can tell for sure which advertising is working and provides good return for my investment, and which sales people are actually worth giving my valuable leads to. That alone is worth the price of MS. We can now strategically and systematically solicit our past customers for repeat and referral business."

—Riley Rogers, 3-D Seamless Siding Inc.

Incredible Growth

"Since using MarketSharp, our business has gone from $300,000 a year in 1995 to $2.3 million in 2010. Greatest investment we ever made for our company...runs the whole shebang!"

—Jim 'Murph' Murphy, Murphy Window and Sunroom


There Are A Ton Of Free CRMs Online—
Why Shouldn’t I Choose One Of Those?

That’s like asking why you should spend $47 on a mouthwatering filet mignon at a five-star restaurant when you could get a $1 cheeseburger at McDonald’s—the quality isn’t even close.

Think about what you get with a $1 cheeseburger: a single pickle slice, a gelatinous square of processed cheese, and a “beef” patty that’s half the size of the bun. When it comes to free CRMs, you get the same… a few measly low-grade features that provide NOTHING of value.

MarketSharp is the filet mignon of CRM for contractors. It costs a little more, but it’s worth every single penny. When you invest in MarketSharp, you are investing in a quality product that provides you with EVERY feature you need to streamline your business and boost sales. Contractors who use MarketSharp report that pays for itself dozens of times over each and every year.

Is MarketSharp Easy To Use?

MarketSharp is designed to make it as easy as possible for “non-techies” to get the hang of quickly. That said, the software does have a slight learning curve. To simplify this learning curve, the MarketSharp team provides a huge number of helpful resources.

When you first sign up, MarketSharp schedules a training session with you. After that, a MarketSharp specialist checks in on you every two weeks for the first four months to ensure you are acclimating to the software.

In addition, they provide you with a number of helpful documents and videos, and technical support is included with your membership. In summary, the MarketSharp team provides so help that it’s almost impossible NOT to become an expert.

What Is The 330 Built-In “Success Elements” Feature?

MarketSharp includes an unrivaled amount of marketing features (330, to be exact) for contractors to generate more leads and business. This includes automated jobsite radius marketing, automatic email lead nurturing, online reputation management, and a streamlined system that allows you to maximize repeat business.

Simply put, no other CRM—contractor-specific or otherwise—provides such powerful marketing tools. Period.

Will MarketSharp Work On A Tablet?

Yes, you can access MarketSharp on desktops, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

How Do The Shared Licenses Work?

Each license allows one person to access MarketSharp at any given time. So, if you have three licenses, then three of your people can use the program at the same time.

What Is The Price?

You can have MarketSharp--the world's most powerful contractor CRM--at your fingertips for as little as $70 a month. That works out to just $2.33 a day--less than you spend on your daily cup of coffee at Starbucks. Visit MarketSharp's official Pricing page for more details.

Is There A Free Demo?

Yes. Click here to visit MarketSharp’s demo webpage. Just enter your email, and they will send you a free “in-action” demo to give you a taste of the MarketSharp experience.

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