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Renoworks Pro:
Visualization Software That Sells

Improve Close Rates, Land Higher-Paying Jobs & Give Ecstatic
Customers Exactly What They Want On Every Single Project.


The biggest reason you never hear back from prospects after an estimate is simple: They're terrified of spending thousands of dollars and not getting what they want!

To many homeowners, not knowing what their project will look like makes remodeling an expensive gamble. Showing them stock photos of products and materials doesn't cut it. If the prospect can't visualize what those products will look like on THEIR home, they'll have that nagging down in the back of their mind asking, "Should I really go through with this?"

For a lot of prospects, this is enough to make them put off—or even completely abandon—their project after they get an estimate. As a result, you lose out on a project you for sure thought you were going to close. It happens all the time.

You used to have to accept that you lost the prospect and move on. But not anymore.

Renoworks Pro is powerful visualization software that allows you to close more jobs at MUCh higher prices.

Renoworks Pro is design and presentation software that shows prospects what different products and materials will look like on their own homes. It's a tremendously powerful selling tool that prevents "cold-feet syndrome," allows you to close more jobs, and makes it easier to upsell.

Renoworks Pro works in 3 simple steps:

1. Design: Take a photo of the home and upload it. Apply product choices directly to the picture from over 250 manufacturer catalogs.

2. Show: Wow homeowners with a stunning presentation of how their home will look before the project starts.

3. Close: Build trust with customers, get them excited, and put them in a buying mood to land more (and more profitable!) projects.

Contractors who use Renoworks Pro report absolutely amazing results (see case studies below). When you utilize Renoworks Pro during estimates, you too will have potential customers that aren't just more likely to say yes... they'll also spend MORE.

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Real Contractors. Real Results.

Case Study 1: Contractor Sell Jobs At $18,000
Higher Than National Average

Mike Damora is a remodeler who has been using Renoworks Pro since 2008. It's been an indispensable tool on every job since then—and it's one of the reasons he sells projects at a 45% higher price than the national average.

"The national average for a window job is $8,800. Because I use Renoworks Pro, my average is $20,000," Mike says. "And while the national average for a siding job is $12,000 to $14,000, mine is $30,000."

Exactly how does Renoworks Pro help Mike land jobs that are more than twice as profitable?

Simple. When the prospect sees what their project will look like BEFORE it starts, they are much more likely to move forward... and much easier to upsell to.

For example, Mike once went a prospect's home to provide an estimate for a whole-home remodel. As Mike always does during estimates, he designed the project on Renoworks Pro. He showed the prospect what the project would look like with stone (something he does during every estimate).

The homeowner was blown away. He LOVED the stone. He had to have it, no matter the price.

Bam! Immediate upsell to the tune of thousands of dollars. And that kind of result is common for Mike.

"Renoworks is not just a sales tool—it is the mother of all sales tools," Mike says. "I get a lot more jobs now. Homeowners get so interested in the product because it's not a staged manufacturer shot or stock photo—it's their house, their shrubs, their basketball hoop in front of the home."

Case Study 2: Contractor Increases Sales By 30%

Paul Trautmann began using Renoworks Pro 10 years ago and utilizes it on almost every job to this day.

Before using Renoworks, however, his method to let customers visualize the project was... well, "unsophisticated" is an understatement.

"We used to place cellophane over a picture of the prospect's house and slipped colors behind it," Paul says. "It was so crude."

Paul was always on the lookout for a tool like Renoworks Pro. So when it became available, he snatched it up.

And ever since, his business has increased by 30%.

Regarding Renoworks Pro, Paul says, "The ability of homeowners to see what the house will look like before it is done, to dream and build with them makes it a powerful sales tool to close the job. People think, 'If you take the time to do this, I have to imagine the work they deliver on my home will be excellent.'"

What's more, Paul finds this is a way for his customers to get exactly what they want the first time—a truly unique benefit many contractors can't provide.

"Renoworks is vital to helping people make up their minds," says Paul. "One time I was quoting a job for a woman who always wanted a white house. I used Renoworks to show her what her home would look like if it were white. To her surprise, she hated it."

Paul says he still gets the same amazing customer feedback about Renoworks Pro that he did 10 years ago.

"When I first started using Renoworks Pro, I received a 'wow' response from every customer," Paul says. "I still get that same response today."

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Frequently Asked Questions


CAD programs are complex and create detailed architectural drawings, which require a lot of time and labor to complete. Renoworks Pro is an easy-to-operate sales and marketing tool you can use during estimates to land you more projects at a higher profit margin. Using over 250 manufacturer catalogs, you can show potential customers what their project will look like on the spot. This allows you to develop clear project expectations and reduces the time and visits to close sales, since homeowners can make decisions more quickly.


Absolutely. Renoworks Pro is extremely user-friendly. While there is initially a small learning curve, most Renoworks Pro clients (typically, contractors who have a basic working knowledge of computers) master the program within one week. And if you do need help, Renoworks offers free over-the-phone training for every customer. Clients who need help getting started usually require just one hour of training before they're good to go.


Both interior and exterior. The list includes—but is not limited to—the following: doors, windows, paint, roofing, siding, flooring, countertops, wall coverings, and stone.


Nothing short of mind blowing, honestly. Click here to read testimonials from contractors who have increase profits by as much as 60% using Renoworks Pro.


Yes. You can use Renoworks Pro on tablets, smart phones, and computers.

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