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A Game-Changing One-Day Seminar For Remodelers

The New Rules
of Marketing

How To Survive & Thrive In The Post-Recession World
Of Dismal Advertising Results, Internet
Marketing Frustration, And Out-Of-Control Lead Costs.

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Seminar Quick Facts

How To Reliably Generate Leads &
Lower Marketing Costs In 2016.

Consumer Buying Behavior Has Radically Changed In The Last 5 Years.
If Your Marketing Approach Hasn’t Radically Changed, You’re DEAD MEAT.

The Good Old Days Of “Place An Ad And Wait For The Phone To Ring” Are Gone FOREVER.

Remember when you could just slap an ad in the paper… or buy space in the Val Pak or on TV and it would work? People would see your ad, call you, and actually set appointments. It was great!

You already know those days are over.

Lead costs are up, advertising results are down, and quite honestly, a lot of contractors don’t even know where or how to spend their marketing budgets anymore. I mean, they have money, but they know that most of it will just be wasted. Even the internet—which was supposed to be the next big thing… hasn’t really panned out for most contractors.

That’s the bad news.

But there is GOOD NEWS, too.

People are still buying home improvements and remodeling. The recession is behind us, the economy is good, and people are ready to spend money. The next few years are expected to be the BEST EVER for sales.

The problem is that the way people look for and find contractors has radically changed in the last 5 years… but instead of adjusting their marketing to match, most contractors are desperately clinging to the same old stuff from the past: what I call “The Old Rules of Marketing”… and they’re getting crushed.

My name is Rich Harshaw, founder and author of Monopolize Your Marketplace and I want to make you a promise: there ARE answers to your marketing problems, and I’m the guy who has them.

I’ve been working with contractors for 20 years now… and I know that most of you have finely tuned BS detectors. That’s good. The second I say anything that doesn’t instantly ring true, quit listening. The solutions I want to share with you are different than anything you’ve seen or heard before. That might be hard to believe, but come out to the seminar and see the kind of stuff we produce—and the results it brings—and you’ll see—it’s truly fresh and different.

I’m going to teach you what I call the NEW RULES of Marketing.

The Rules are listed below. First, watch this video preview of the seminar:

Note: If The Audio Overview Is Still Playing, Please Pause It Before Watching The Video.

NEW RULE #1: DIFFERENTIATE OR DIE: When people see your ad or find your website, you’ve got about point 2 seconds to make the sale. In the old days, when yours was one of a couple of ads in the paper, it didn’t matter if your ad looked like everyone else's. Now, when they’ve got instant access to every single one of your competitors via Google, you MUST master differentiation. This is the heart and soul of what you’ll learn at the seminar: how to truly differentiate so people can see exactly how you’re better & different; Why they should choose you, and what they can expect when doing business with you. I’ll show you how to achieve this, and show you tons of examples—good and bad. You’ll see that you’re not even close to where you need to be.

NEW RULE #2: TURN LOOKERS INTO BUYERS: Almost every contractor website does a lousy job of converting traffic into customers. Even websites that look nice, cost a ton of money to build, and rank well on search engines almost universally fail to deliver actual customers. I’m going to challenge you to FIRE your website—and hold it accountable for real results, just like you do with your employees. I’ll show you 5 major conversationalist factors at the seminar, and you’ll grade your site on the spot. Fair warning—you’re going to be depressed.

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Pay $99 to register, get $100 CASH BACK.

NEW RULE #3: SEARCH ENGINE DOMINANCE: SEO is a topic that has always been shrouded in mystery and “nerd-speak,” but I’ll explain it in PLAIN ENGLISH at the seminar. You’ll learn exactly how SEO works, why it has to be constantly nurtured, and why most SEO companies fail to deliver on their promises. You’ll even learn how “good” SEO companies are ruining your business… even when you do rank high.

NEW RULE #4: MANDATORY “INSTANT LEAD FOLLOW UP”: If you wait more than 5 minutes to respond to a lead, your chance of even talking to them drops to less than 5%. I’ll show you EASY and inexpensive software that will allow you to capture, respond, and close leads faster than all of your competitors. You can literally DOUBLE your sales by simply better managing your existing leads. Yes, DOUBLE.

NEW RULE #5: PRE-APPOINTMENT SELLING: Why on earth would you wait until the sales meeting to start selling? That’s an old 1990’s mindset, and it’s killing you. I’ll show you how to immediately start selling in a low-key, non-intimidating way at every contact from the first ad, to the first phone call… to your website, and emails that you should be sending prospects. This will boost your closing ratios 50% or more. I’m serious.

NEW RULE #6: RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING ADVERTISING: Advertising used to mean place an ad and wait for phone calls. Not anymore. Now it takes a totally different mindset and approach. I’ll show you how and where to advertise for maximum results… and I’ll show you what to avoid. This part of the seminar alone could save—or MAKE—you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

This Is Not An Easy “I Hope I Take Away One Good Idea” Seminar.

This Seminar Will Squash Your Brain, Make You Rethink
Everything You Know, And Require A Complete Divorce Of The Status Quo.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. Not everybody is ready for this information—it’s much easier to just keep trying to do what you’ve always done. And this isn’t a magic-bullet solution that you can easily implement in 3 hours after the seminar. It takes time, patience—and some money to fully integrate everything into your marketing program.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you MIGHT need to at least take a look at this seminar:

  • Is lead flow a constant source of discussion and anxiety for you?
  • Have your lead sources that were reliable in the past stopped working as well?
  • What is your average lead cost now? What about 5 years ago?
  • Are at least HALF of your leads self-generated on the internet (ie, not purchased)?
  • Does your website and/or marketing collateral REALLY differentiate you from your competitors?
  • Have you become frustrated and disillusioned with all of the “SEO & Website Gurus” who promise the moon but fail to deliver?

Finally, let me address a few common concerns that people have about this seminar. I understand that investing a day in a seminar is a huge investment—you deserve to KNOW what you’re getting into before you commit:

Is This Just Another “Internet Marketing” Seminar? Absolutely not. We will cover several aspects of internet marketing, but this is a “HERE’S HOW YOU DO ALL KINDS OF MARKETING” seminar. It covers all important marketing topics including messaging, media selection, direct mail, and of course, internet marketing.

Our Marketing Is Already Working Well—Should We Attend? That means you’re probably already a pretty progressive company… which means you’re probably the kind of company that’s most likely to attend anyway. Plus, even if you’re busy, chances are high that your marketing STILL has room for improvement. Make sure you stay busy next year… and the year after that.

What Makes You Qualified To Give This Seminar? Everything is based on hard experience, not theory. I’ve been in marketing since 1994, and have been specializing in remodeling companies since 2005. When the market shifted in 2007-2009, I completely re-engineered everything we do to make sure it works NOW. We have over 100 remodeling clients who are living testament to the efficacy of what you’ll learn. I’ll also promise you this: you won’t get bored, you won’t fall asleep, and you won’t be able to sleep the night after the seminar.

Other Credentials: I’ve spoken at every industry event that matters (Replacement Contractor Executive Conference, The Remodeling Show, Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Event, etc.), I write a regular column and blog for Qualified Remodeler Magazine, and many of the biggest companies in the industry have flocked to me for solutions, including ReBath, Renewal By Anderson, Owens Corning, Four Seasons Sunrooms, Hansons Windows, to name a few.


This Is One Day Away From Your Office That Will Literally Change Your Life.

Everyone is busy. I get it. But think about the advantage your company will hold if you really CAN learn to generate more leads at a lower cost. What if you really can increase your conversion rates by 20 to 50%... and increase your average ticket?

All of this is available and waiting for you by investing one day away from the office attending this breakthrough seminar. To see what others are saying about the “New Rules” seminar… and to see real-world results of companies implementing these strategies, please check our website. I look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

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Click here for dates and cities.
Pay $99 to register, get $100 CASH BACK.


Rich Harshaw
Founder & CEO
Monopolize Your Marketplace

What You Will Learn At The Seminar

  • Why your “old standby” lead generating methods quit working—and what DOES work now.
  • 3 simple evaluations to see if your marketing TRULY differentiates your company, or if you really just look and sound like all your competitors.
  • Why “internet marketing” has failed so miserably for most contractors… and 3 keys to making it work.
  • How it’s possible to rank #1 in search and still generate zero leads.
  • 5 key elements every website must possess to convert lookers into BUYERS.
  • Why waiting until the sales meeting to start selling is an outdated, ill-conceived, and ineffective tactic.
  • Why testimonials aren’t enough to convince people anymore—and what you should be using instead.
  • How repeat and referral business could actually be hurting your chances to grow.
  • What to say to SEO gurus & internet lead salesmen that come knocking on your door.
  • How to use a simple software to speed up your lead response time—and DOUBLE your sales from existing leads.
  • The main reason most pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns fail… and how to FINALLY crack the PPC code.
  • An easy-to-understand, non-nerd discussion of SEO, PPC, and social media.
  • How much you should be spending on advertising, and more importantly, WHERE you should be spending it.
  • How to fix your direct mail problem—including one of the surest, quickest ways to generate quality leads.
  • How to boost your internet-based sales to over HALF your total volume.
  • The worst methods for enhancing search ranking that almost all SEO companies stubbornly use anyway.
  • Dozens of case studies of real companies getting real results using the NEW RULES of marketing.
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