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Let’s face it: Good marketing advice and training is hard to come by for contractors. Most of it is repackaged & regurgitated FLUFF that other kinds of trainers try to pass off as “marketing training.” But seriously, what does a sales trainer, business trainer, or generic other trainer really know about marketing?

Enter Monopolize Your Marketplace. We are experts in one thing, and one thing only: Marketing. We can help your group MAKE MORE MONEY by learning how to make every point of contact—Internet, Print, Mail, Broadcast Media, Home Shows, Signs, Etc.—far more impactful than they are right now.

Look, not to be rude, but just reporting the facts: Out of all the home improvement, remodeling, and home services contractors we look at, ZERO percent (0.00% to be precise) of them have a firm grasp on marketing. NONE OF THEM. Even the companies that “do well and make money” are leaving tremendous hoards of cash on the table. And the reason is simple: LACK OF IDENTITY.

Everything we do at Monopolize Your Marketplace starts with Identity: That is, saying things with POWER, PRECISION, and PASSION that allows prospective customers to know exactly who you are, what you’re all about, and what they can expect when doing business with your company.

We are here to help your customers get better at marketing and make them (and you!?) more money. Click on the red boxes above to explore the options, then contact us for more information or to discuss ways to partner with MYM.

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