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Recent MYM Success Lead Generation Upcoming Webinars

Help Your Customers/Distributors
GROW Their Business By
Providing Marketing Training Solutions.

Easy, Inexpensive, And Effective Seminars & Webinars

The Best Way To GROW Your Business
Is To Help Your Customers GROW Theirs.

Ask anyone in the remodeling industry where to turn for the best marketing training and they’ll all say the same thing: Rich Harshaw and Monopolize Your Marketplace. Rich has specialized in working with remodelers since 2005, including all types of interior and exterior remodeling. He’s well known and respected for his “tell it like it is” presentation style—he never sugar coats, he never panders, and he never settles for surface-level solutions. His customers have achieved outstanding increases in sales and profits as they’ve implemented his strategies on advertising, pre-positioning, home shows, positioning, selling, and guerilla marketing.

Now Rich is making his marketing expertise available to you in the form of an innovative new seminar & webinar series. The events cover the most important elements of marketing—from innovation & differentiation (how to actually achieve it!), to fresh views on advertising and new customer acquisition. The sponsorship model is refreshing as well: Instead of charging a huge upfront fee and forcing you to hope & pray that the sponsorship works, he’s priced the sponsorship very affordably, will allow you to make budget-friendly monthly payments, and guarantees that the training will yield a positive ROI, or your money back.

Sponsorships Include

  • 6 Webinars Per Year
  • 4 Live Seminars Per Year (choose 4 out of 6 scheduled)
  • 15 Tickets Per Venue ($295 each value; $17,700 total value)
  • Exhibition Booth At Live Events
  • Opportunity To Present “Live Commercial” At Seminars
  • Rights To Post Webinar Videos On Your Website
  • Listing As Sponsor On MYM’s Website
  • Listing As Sponsor On Live Event Handouts
  • Webinar & Seminar Promotional Support
  • Discounted Speaking Fee At Your Annual Conference
  • Live Venues: Choose 4 of 6: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Columbus


  • All 6 Webinars are customized to and presented exclusively for your customers
  • No other sponsors present on webinars to distract from you and your message
  • Webinar topics can be modified or changed to suit your needs

2013 Webinars

  • Increasing Advertising ROI
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Rehash Programs
  • SEO, PPC, & Social Media
  • Avoiding Marketing Mistakes
  • Home Shows

2014 Webinars

  • Identity
  • Internet Conversion
  • Pre-Positioning
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Generating Referrals
  • Using Customer References

2-Day Seminars

The 2-day seminars will cover an expanded version of the same content as the six webinars, plus several additional key topics for remodeling contractors. Sponsors can bring exhibition booths and will be given time in front of the group for a short presentation. Seminars will be held in 6 cities; Sponsors may choose 4 of the 6 cities that are the best fit for their schedules and/or geographically convenient for their customer/dealer base. Seminar locations to choose from are: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Columbus. Dates TBD.

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