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There’s Good Training.
There’s Interesting Training.
There’s On-Target Training.
Then There’s This Whole Other Thing
Called "Monopolize Your Marketplace."

Listen To What A Few of Our Partners Are Saying About MYM

Your Session Received Overwhelming Praise

Rich, thanks again for being a featured speaker at the Infinity Executive Form in San Diego, and for your presentation “Capitalizing on the Lifecycle of a Lead.” We heard many great comments at the event. In our survey to those that attended your session received overwhelming praise.

We are extremely grateful that you accepted our invitation to share your knowledge with the entire group. I am confident that it will help others to be more successful in managing media and ultimately to engage future customers in their markets.

John Evans, Infinity Marketing Manager

Forever Changed How We Think About Branding And Web Presence

We recently had Rich Harshaw of Monopolize Your Marketplace serve as the keynote speaker for our Annual Dealer Meeting.

Each year, our dealers from across North America convene at our facility for a week of training and networking. When we surveyed ahead of this year's meeting, the overwhelming response from dealers was high-level training on branding and lead generation would have the the greatest impact on their businesses. We reached out to Rich, knowing him to be the premier expert on marketing in our industry, and he did not disappoint.

I have heard many positive reviews from dealers and most planned to quickly implement what they learned with expectations it would immediately increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing. His Identity concept truly has forever changed how we and our dealers think about branding and web presence.

Beyond incredible content, Rich was very easy to work with and made every effort to cater the material to our business. His expertise, relevancy, and presentation have set a new bar for keynote speakers at our Dealer Meetings.

Seth Heckaman, Sales Manager, Isaiah Industries

New Ideas, Never Boring

I’ve sponsored over 50 MYM events since 2005 because nobody—NOBODY—delivers the results like Monopolize Your Marketplace. Conventional wisdom says that for a 2-day seminar, you’d better have multiple speakers to keep it lively; Rich Harshaw single-handedly delivers two full days of content with no “lulls,” no blank stares from the audience, and no drop off in participation. He delivers SO MUCH information that is new, fresh, and instantly useable that nobody even wants to step out to take a phone call. I’ve been watching MYM for 7 years now, and the training actually just gets better and better.

Tim Musch, Marketsharp

Poised, Knowledgeable, Funny… And Unmatched Passion

It’s hard to find marketing experts who are also dynamic presenters. It’s an even bigger challenge to find one who can confidently engage an audience of high-powered company owners on a subject many of them are already well-versed in. Monopolize Your Marketplace delivers the goods. Rich Harshaw is poised, knowledgeable, funny, and down-to-earth. He gives his audience solid take aways… information they can put to immediate use. And his passion is unmatched. That’s why we’ve had him speak at our Leadership Conference, our Executive Conference (twice), the Remodeling Show (multiple times), and produce webinars for our online University. Truly, one of the best.

Jim Cory, Editor, Replacement Contractor Magazine

His Passion About Marketing Sold Me

Rich tells it like it is! His views on creating company identities and his obvious passion about marketing sold me!!

Bill Weber, Luxury Bath Mobility Remodelers INC


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. The day flew by. There was so much information to hear and digest! I particularly enjoyed the the pre-positioning information. It makes so much sense. I am anxious to see what we learned implemented. A very informative day!

Helen Koutoupis, Albar Products

Rich Is Right

Great seminar. Really Helpful. Rich is right... This business and the way people think about hiring a contractor has definitely changed.

Miro Klosowski, Homewise Remodelers, Inc

Lesson Learned!!!

I really hadn't thought about the follow-up process and spending that kind of money to try and capture that business. It really does seem logical that these people should be followed up on continually, since we obviously know they have a need we should be able to provide. Plus, we should have a very good idea of which customers would fit better with our company's identity having already spoke with them.

Fred Gude, Pioneed Exteriors LLC

Quite Inspiring For Any Remodeling Company

Rich was a great speaker who kept us interested for two full days - which is hard to do in any seminar of this length!! While much of the seminar was geared to exterior installation companies such as roofing, windows/doors, siding, etc., there were sections quite inspiring for our full-service remodeling company. Specifically, the development/use of identity in marketing vs. using the same old platitude type of language in defining what our company is all about was very interesting. We also liked the idea of combining identity and then using pre-positioning to facilitate better understanding of who we are and what our company does/stands for at the first sales call. Overall, we were impressed! Thank you very much for your time and professional presentation.

John Wolfe, Scovell Wolfe & Associates, Inc.

Great Ideas For Nurturing Leads With Our Website

I believe the seminar was very helpful. People's decision-making process has changed over the last 6-8 years. Finding ways to capture more people's interest is crucial now. This seminar has helped with that. Specifically the follow-up for referrals and going after previous leads that did not sell was eye-opening. Also, the days of just driving leads to our website is gone. The seminar had many ideas to improve our websites. They now come looking for information. We had better be ready.

Ramon Coleman, The Southard Corporation

Regardless Of The Nature Of Your Business, Enlightening

The content of the seminar was very good. The attention to detail and the explanation of why each detail is important was enlightening. I would recommend anyone attend this regardless of the nature of their business.

Brent Hastie, Lansing Building Products

No Arm Twisting Involved

It was a very "low pressure" event. When discussing the seminar with my wife she was surprised that there was no arm twisting involved, unlike other seminars I have attended in the past. There were numerous times throughout the presentation that I felt like Rich must have been with me on some of my sales calls because he knew the reactions I face all the time when I'm out and about. I had a connection with what he was portraying to the group.

Todd Bennett, Southeast Seamless Gutter & Home Improvements, Inc.

If You Want To Grow Your Business…

Good Information! Rich understands marketing! If you want to grow your business and take it into the future this is the place to start.

Paul Despenas, Midwest Construction

Time Have Changed, So Too Should Marketing

What I got from the seminar was a modern-day business plan. When we started our business we did extensive planning, but times have changed. Lead generation was easy when we could do telemarketing, but that ended. We moved on to radio and print advertising and had great results, but now that is getting harder and more expensive. I believe the things covered in the seminar are going to get the best results in lead generation and converting those leads to sales.

Don Fowler, Thermal King Windows

You're Barely Scratching The Surface Of What You Need
To Do To Truly Separate From The Competition And Grow Your Business

The seminar was extremely enlightening on the topics of human behavior and communicating a specific message to prospective customers. Even if you thought you were already using some of the items Rich discussed, the seminar highlights the fact that you're barely scratching the surface of what you need to do to truly separate from the competition and grow your business. The discussion about finding your company's identity was particularly valuable.

Mark Barr, Harry G. Barr Company

He Tells A Lot Of Stories To Make His Point
And Keep The Audience Engaged

We have belonged to a couple of other organizations in the past, all saying that you have to come up with an identity and your own statement. However none of them could ever seem to help with that. It is refreshing to see a company that finally addresses that!!! If I knew how to do it I would not have joined their orgaization to begin with. We are looking forward to getting started!

Mike Krumm, Krumm Siding & Windows Inc.

My Wife Insisted I Let Him Have More Time To Keep Talking

We had Rich speak at our annual dealers conference in Miami on the topic of “Identity.” Like a lot of groups, we’ve brought in plenty of speakers over the years… to the point where it becomes very challenging to find somebody who can keep the dealers’ attention—that’s why we do most of our training in house. Oh my gosh. What a pleasant surprise Rich Harshaw was! The dealers were literally on the edge of their seats the entire time. When his time was almost over, my wife leaned over and said “Tony, you gotta let this guy keep talking. I want to hear what he has to say!” The next week on our dealer cruise I must’ve heard the speech brought up a dozen times. Highly recommended.

Tony Iannelli, CEO, Gutter Topper

So Good We Had Him Back To Speak Again...
And To Create Marketing For Our Group

We hired Monopolize Your Marketplace to give the keynote speech and 2 breakout sessions at our Franchisee Conference is 2010; it was fantastic, lots of great feedback. When we were planning our 2013 meeting, we decided to not only bring Rich back to speak to our group again, we decided to work with him on a content partnership where he is creating marketing materials for our dealers to utilize in their businesses, as well as conduct ongoing webinar training. We are very excited to have Rich and Monopolize Your Marketplace in our corner!

Kristina Costello, Marketing Operations & Training Coordinator, ReBath Bathroom Remodeling

The Importance of Creating a Powerful Identity

We’re always looking for top-flight speakers for our annual events. We have set a very high standard and our dealers expect nothing short of excellence. Rich Harshaw came highly recommend and I can see why. He gave a very compelling speech on the importance of creating a powerful identity for remodeling companies… very interesting information. He tells a lot of stories to make his points and keep the audience engaged—it really works well. The feedback from our group was outstanding. We wholeheartedly endorse MYM for other groups who need a GREAT speaker.

John Evans, Marketing Manager

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