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Identity: How To Really Stand Out From The Crowd

Do You Ever Feel Like “The Best Kept Secret?”
Do Customers Rave About You… Yet You Struggle To Convert Prospects?
Can Web Visitors Instantly Tell Why You’re Better & Different?

Are you constantly wondering why your marketing results aren’t where you’d like them to be?

Simple: Lots of platitudes, and no discernible identity.

There's a good chance you’re murdering your marketing right now, and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. You’re saying things you THINK are profound and different, but in reality, they simply ARE NOT. Experienced. High Quality. Best Materials. Giving Customers What They Want. Best Warranty. In your mind, this stuff sounds awesome. To your prospects, it sounds like Charlie Brown’s mother: Wah, wa, wa, wa, wah, wa waaaaa. It’s completely expected; it makes no impact whatsoever.

Your company looks like everyone else’s; you sound like everyone else, and you put off the same “vibe” as everyone else—even if you’re really good at what you do. Don’t believe me? Pull up your website right now, then pull up the websites of 8 or 10 competitors. Guess what? Pretty much all the same. That’s bad.

The key to breaking through the clutter is to focus in on your company’s unique IDENTITY so you STAND OUT. You’ve got to instantly demonstrate who you are, what you stand for, what customers can expect, and why they should choose you instead of any of your competitors. Once your identity is determined, then you’ve got learn to communicate with power, precision, and passion.

For example, a kitchen remodeler’s website might have a picture of a nice looking kitchen say “high quality remodeling”. That sounds okay, but everyone would expect that picture and that phrase. What if instead they put a close-up picture of the remodeler’s serious face (not smiling) with a headline that says: “If you’re persnickety, demanding, hard to please, and picky, then I’m the right remodeler for you. I am not the fastest. I am not the cheapest. I am, however, according to my customers, the best.” Bingo—IDENTITY… with power, precision, and passion.

YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO DO ALL THE ABOVE IN THIS SESSION. You’ll see the example above and dozens more like it of “doing it wrong” and then, by contrast, “doing it right.” You’ll come away with an intense conviction that you’re falling short right now (sorry, but 99.5% of companies are), but you’ll have a clear picture of what to do and how to get where you want to be. You’ll be surprised at how easy this is to do, and what a profound impact this will make in all of your marketing efforts—including your website, advertisements, brochures, home shows, and everything else. It all starts with a powerful, clearly articulated IDENTITY.

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How To Turn Website Lookers Into Real-World Buyers.

There’s A 99% Chance That Your Website
Is An EPIC FAIL—And You Don’t Even Know It.

If You’re Not Getting At Least HALF Your Sales From The Web,
It’s Time To FIRE YOUR WEBSITE And Start Over Again From Scratch.

Sure you’ve had a website for 10 or 15 years now, but it’s almost certain that your site is doing a lousy job of converting traffic into customers. Even websites that look nice, cost a ton of money to create, and rank well with search engines almost universally fail to deliver actual customers.

It’s time to FIRE YOUR WEBSITE and start over. You need to completely rethink what your website is really supposed to do, and what prospects are hoping to find when they find you online.

They don’t want a pretty little “online brochure” telling them your name along with some crap about how you’ve “you’ve been proudly serving the local area since 1985.” They don’t want to see some stock photos of windows (or siding, or roofing) and bullet points that you spent 20 seconds cutting and pasting from a manufacturer’s website. And for crying out loud, they don’t want to see 17 logos of every association you’ve ever belonged to—that they’ve never heard of (we call this “logo vomit”).

So what do they want?

They want you to help them make the best decision possible when it comes to buying remodeling services. Since they know practically NOTHING about what you sell, it’s your job to facilitate the process of educating them—both on your company (and specifically, how and why you’re different and better than others) as well as the products you carry.

They want to be wooed. They want to be impressed. They want to be educated. They want to FALL IN LOVE with someone. Why not your company?

In this session, we’ll cut through all the usual BS being spewed by so-called web experts. Most of them are nerds that know jack-squat about actually SELLING something and making people fall in love with you before they ever meet you. You’ll learn how to do that in this session. Seriously.

The keys to online conversion are surprisingly simple—yet almost never actually employed. Chances are extremely high (like 99%) that you’re failing in at least 3 of the following areas… and maybe even 4 or 5:

  • Professionalism: Does your site LOOK the part? Is it easy and intuitive to navigate? Are people impressed? Many remodelers pass this test, and assume that all is well. Nothing could be further from the truth. A great looking website without the other elements (below) will underperform by 2 to 10 times.
  • Identity: Can people instantly and definitively tell who you are, what you’re all about, why they should choose you instead of your competitors, and what they can expect when doing business with you? The answer is almost universally NO—and that’s a massive problem. Learn how to fix it in this session.
  • Headline Funnel: Do your headlines and the design of your pages naturally lead the readers’ eyes where you want them to go… when you want them to? Most websites don’t have ANY headlines, let alone GOOD headlines. Learn how to create headlines that deliver the most impactful information to your web viewers instantly.
  • Social Proof: Are you giving your readers immediate, easy-to-find proof that other people love your company? In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of online reviews, automatic references, project photos, and customer case studies.
  • Evidence: Do you make tangible, specific claims, then back them up with hard evidence? Would your claims hold up in a court of law? Learn how to gather and present evidence in a compelling way… a way that will convert lookers into buyers.

So strap in and get ready for a no-holds-barred discussion of what it REALLY takes to be successful online. But be forewarned—there’s a good chance that after this seminar, you’ll want to instantly FIRE your website.

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Pre-Positioning: Lowering Sales Resistance
Through Superior MARKETING

Create A Raving Fan Insistence For Your Company…
Before You Ever Set Foot In The Prospects’ Home

To appreciate the true importance of pre-positioning, you’ve got to realize the position your prospect is in as he/she goes through the buying process: She knows very little about remodeling (kitchens, windows, siding, whatever she’s interested in); she knows very little about your company; she’s probably talking to multiple contractors; and she knows that contractors, generally speaking, have a bad reputation—including everything from high pressure sales, cost overruns, poor communication, and jobs that drag on forever. To name a few.

Meanwhile, in your mind, you know that your company is awesome and that none of the negativity applies to you. You also know that your sales person is fantastic, your presentation is flawless, and your customer satisfaction ratings are high. That’s all good—except your prospect probably isn’t aware of any of that. In their mind, they're taking a major risk just to open their door and let you in. They are on the defensive from the minute the appointment is set.

Enter pre-positioning. When executed properly (and there’s a 99% chance you’re NOT executing it properly right now), pre-positioning will tear down the emotional barriers the prospect has to you, completely turn them around and convert them to wanting to do business with you, and actually EXCLUDE all of your competitors from even getting a chance to get the business. Sound too good to be true? IT’S NOT.

There are 4 major components of pre-positioning, each of which will be covered in detail in this session:

1) Emails that should be sent prior to the sales meeting , including exact instructions on how many messages and what kind information those emails should contain.

2) Pre-printed booklets and reports that demonstrate, definitively, what they should be looking for in a contractor, what they should watch out for, and hard evidence that you are the only one who can provide it.

3) Your website, when properly constructed and populated will reinforce everything you’re telling them by email and report… and is available to them 24/7 to be reviewed at their convenience.

4) Phone scripting to make sure the prospect is aware of and pays attention to the other 3 pre-positioning components.

With proper pre-positioning, your sales people will arrive as “welcome guests” in the home instead of suspicious pests. Prospects will already have a favorable attitude toward your company; they will understand and appreciate all the excellence of your company, and be sensitive to less-than-desirable qualities of your competitors. Their willingness to spend more money on high quality and great customer service will be enhanced. Bottom line, you’ll close more business at higher prices.

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How To Turn One Sale Into Many…

Unlocking The Mystery Of Proximity/Neighborhood Marketing…
And How To Really Generate Tons of Easy-To-Close Referrals.

Here’s a fresh take on a couple of old marketing standbys; take everything you thought you knew, set it aside for a moment, and open your mind to some new ideas.

Proximity Marketing: You know the drill: Send out a postcard (or two or three) to 100 neighbors of your customers telling them to “pardon the dust” or “we’re in the neighborhood” and wait for the phone to ring. You repeat this exercise 3 or 4 times and get a grand total of 1 or 2 responses. Demoralized, you quit. Proximity marketing doesn’t work.

Or does it? In most cases “proximity” marketing (or sometimes called “radius” marketing) absolutely can work—but not the way most companies have tried to execute it in the past. The problem is that 3 touches is simply not enough to break down the wall and make an impression with prospects. To be effective, you’ve got to implement “Super Robust Proximity Marketing” which includes everything from postcards, to testimonial letters, to telemarketing, to “micro canvassing.” See all the pieces and learn how to execute in this session.

Referral Generation: The old advice of “you’ll get referrals if you just ask for them” is simply not true. At least not on a grand enough scale to make a difference for your business. The fact is that most of your customers don’t honestly know somebody else who happens to need what you sell right now. To get referrals in any meaningful quantity takes a plan—and patience.

In this session, you’ll learn the four essential elements of referral generation: 1) Your company’s identity, 2) Communication with the customer DURING the job, 3) Ongoing contact with the customer AFTER the job—for years, and 4) Asking for the referral… at the appropriate time. See multiple examples of all of these.

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Increasing Advertising Return On Investment

The Rules of Advertising Have Fundamentally Changed Since 2009.
Doing It “The Old Way” Will Bankrupt Your Company.
Learn The NEW RULES of Advertising.

Let’s face it; the things that USED to work for generating leads simply DO NOT WORK anymore. At least not nearly as well as they used to. In the last 5 years, remodelers have seen lead costs skyrocket as advertising response plummets.

The fact is, lead generation has changed forever in this industry. The internet—and specifically wireless devices—has given consumers INSTANT access to information. When they get an itch to remodel, they just “look it up” instantly, on the spot. Then when your ad runs a few days later, they’ve already “scratched the itch.” Your ad, no matter how well written, is already playing from behind.

There is hope.

Advertising is not DEAD, but it does need to be approached drastically differently than it did just 5 short years ago. It’s time to learn the NEW RULES of LEAD GENERATION and ADVERTISING.

This session will cover 5 major principles

1. Understand The Difference Between Hunting and Farming—And Invest in BOTH: In advertising, “hunting“ is any activity designed to generate leads from prospects who are looking to hire a remodeler right now. In the past, there were plenty of “now buyers” to be found from TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail, etc. Not any more—“now buyers” are more likely to search online, which means you’d better be really good at finding and capturing internet leads.

Traditional media can still be very effective, however, but primarily for cultivating future buyers—this is known as “farming.” You invest money now with the intention of harvesting the prospects at some future point. The problem comes when remodeling companies expect farming activities (nurturing) to produce hunting results (immediate).

In this session you’ll learn how to maximize leads from now buyers, and how to shift your marketing budget slowly toward farming. This information isn’t easy medicine to swallow—but it’s critical to your survival. ​

2. Write Powerful, Identity-Based Ads: Every ad you write has to be more powerful and pack more punch than ever before. The days of “just getting your name out there” are long gone. The key is to identify and incorporate your company’s IDENTITY into every ad you write. You’ve got to communicate in a powerful, precise, and passionate way EXACTLY how you’re different, why you’re better, and what customers can expect when doing business with you. You’ll learn how to do this in this session.

3. Treat The Leads You Do Get With Respect: Leads are more expensive and harder to get than ever… yet many remodelers treat them like tap water—as if there’s an endless, cheap supply. In this session, we’ll discuss the advantages of lightning-quick response, and how to actually execute it. We’ll also discuss the importance of systems and IDENTITY-based scripting in lead conversion.

4. Choosing The Right Media: Should you spend money on a shared mailer, or on TV? Should you try the radio, or give newspaper a chance? The answer is: it depends on your situation—what you’re trying to accomplish, what products you sell, and how much money you have to spend. We’ll go over all of these issues and help you determine a plan of action that will work for your company. You might be surprised at the recommendations.

5. Change Your Mindset From Compete… To Dominate. If you want to run a small, easy-to-manage company, you should be able to generate all the leads you need from the internet, repeat, and referral business. No advertising necessary. But if you want to play in the big leagues, you MUST master advertising. As your company grows, you have to continually grow your advertising budget… until eventually your company is well-known and respected in the community due to prolonged, positive exposure through advertising. The big will get bigger—are you ready to play?

Advertising isn’t a game for the faint hearted or for companies teetering on the edge of solvency. But if you’re ready to step up to the next level; if you have money to INVEST in harvesting future customers; if you’re a medium to large remodeling company—then attendance at this session is imperative.

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Guerilla Marketing

Making Big Waves With Small Budgets & Smart Ideas

You don’t have to be a scrappy startup to benefit from guerilla marketing tactics. The truth is guerilla marketing has a lot more to do with a mindset—outsmarting your competition—than it does with saving money on marketing.

In this session you’ll be presented with over a dozen guerilla marketing tactics that can immediately be implemented with minimal resources. Some of the tactics are foundational—like learning how colors and sizes can build awareness for your company and nab new customers. You’ll learn how to effectively use jobsite signs to generate leads and an amazing technique that will quadruple your home show leads. Find out easy ways to utilize door to door canvassing, and how to put the power of live and video demonstrations to work for your business.

Other topics included in this one-of-a-kind session are hiring strategies, in-home sales tactics, gift card ideas, publicity stunts, winter marketing strategies, phone etiquette, and hiring strategies.

Colors, flyers, signs, events

You’ll come away surprised at how easy some guerilla marketing tactics are to implement, and what an impact they can have on your business. Even if your company is large, you won’t want to miss this “idea a minute” session that will change the way you think.

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The Non-Nerd’s Guide
To SEO, PPC, and Social Media

Finally, A Seminar That Explains Internet Marketing In Plain English.

Everybody wants their company to appear at the top of the search results… and everybody always seems to be talking about Search Engine Optimization. So why does the topic of SEO and internet marketing seem to be a huge mystery to just about every remodeling company on the planet? Why are so few actually succeeding at it? And why have many remodelers given up altogether and “thrown in the towel?”

Because all the people talking about it and offering the services are NERDS.

That’s right—any time nerds control the information, it’s really hard to understand. For the first time ever, non-nerd Rich Harshaw will explain SEO to you in a way that actually makes sense, that you can actually understand, and that you can actually take ACTION on.

Forget about all the big, scary “algorithms” that everyone always warns you about. Google, they tell you, is constantly changing its rules which makes it impossible to know how to keep your rankings high. This is nonsense—keeping high rankings in Google is simple and easy to understand. There is no voodoo-magic involved, and there is no need to sacrifice animals at the altar of Google.

In this session you will learn how Google REALLY works; Rich will show you what Google likes, what Google doesn’t like, and how to keep Google happy. You’ll learn the basics of SEO including what things you can do YOURSELF to help your rankings, and what things you should let the nerds do. The The mystery will finally be untangled, and you’ll be able to make smart decisions about your website and search optimization efforts.

Also included in this internet marketing session is a plain-English discussion of pay-per-click advertising, including the 3 biggest mistakes companies make, and practical advice for optimizing your spend. Again, Rich removes the mystery from a topic that has been unknowable and non-understandable to normal people for years.

Finally, get ready to know what you really need to know about social media. Spoiler alert: most of what you know is wrong, outdated, or just plain stupid. You’ll get (again!) practical advice on what you really need to know and do… and more importantly, what to NOT do.

And after all this, for the first time ever, you’ll come away actually feeling SMARTER after an internet marketing discussion! Enjoy!

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The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes

What You Don’t Know IS Killing You!

How To Identify And Fix The Marketing Mistakes That Are
Unintentionally Wasting Your Money, Stunting Your Growth,
And Ruining Your Chances To DOMINATE.

Get ready to turn “traditional wisdom” and the status quo upside down! Chances are high that this session will infuriate and exasperate you as it challenges many of the sacred cows of marketing that are so ingrained in you that you don’t even question them anymore.

For instance, did you know that repeat and referral business is actually one of the biggest hindrances to growing your business? And what if I told you that carefully tracking all of your marketing results could actually be costing you huge opportunities?

Both are true, and we’re just getting started!

None of the so-called internet marketing “experts” have a clue what really makes a website work—and most of them are filling your website with prospect-killing garbage that you were told was helping. It’s not.

99 out of 100 remodelers don’t know the #1 reason prospects turn them down, which means they have no idea how to deal with the problem. You’ll learn it on this breakthrough session.

How much time do you spend on sales training? Did you know that there are 3 proven ways to increase conversion ratios MORE than sales training will—and that an over-reliance on sales training actually hurts sales?

Everything you thought you knew about marketing will be tested and refuted in this powerful seminar. Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to disagree. Prepare to be told that you’re doing things wrong. And prepare learn and change and grow. Don’t miss this session.

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The Sure-Fire Home Show Success System

Learn Our Incredible “Triple Play” System That Reliably Increases Leads, Appointments, & Sales By 300%.

If you’re planning on participating in home shows or events next year, NOW is the time to learn MYM’s sure-fire system for having your BEST SHOW EVER.

Our innovative “Triple Play” system allows you to generate more leads than you ever thought possible—which leads to more sales and increased profits.

The first step is learning how to create Identity-based backdrops, handouts, and materials that clearly and unmistakably communicate your company’s selling advantages so powerfully that even casual attendees will be certain you’re the best choice in the show. You’ll learn the principles behind WHY it works, HOW to implement, and SEVERAL examples of companies that have used it and achieved huge results. You’ll in effect take the prospects “off the market” and leave your competitors scratching their heads.

The second step of the Triple Play is the SECRET WEAPON for stopping attendees in their tracks and making them WANT to talk to you. Bowls of candy, pens with your company name, and squishy balls just won’t cut it. On this webinar you will learn what the ULTIMATE tool is, how to use it, and word-for-word scripts for getting the most results. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Finally, the third step is bullet-proof follow up that actually works. We’ve created a masterful plan that makes people actually WANT to talk to them when you call to follow up… instead of treating you like Ebola on the phone. You could easily pick up an extra 25% to 50% more sales just by implementing this simple plan.

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Squeezing Every Last Sale Out Of All Your Leads

How To Use Marketing To Continue To Reach Out
To Prospects Who Don’t Close… And Milk 10% to 50%
MORE Sales Than You’re Getting Now

Let’s face it: the concept of a “rehash” program is outdated and ineffective. The idea is simple enough: when a salesman misses a close, you have a designated person call the prospect back and try one more time to close the deal. But how many of those prospects can you even reach on the phone? And if you do get them on the phone, what magic bullet can your “rehash artist” deliver in 30 seconds that your salesman couldn’t in 90 minutes? It’s no wonder that less than 10% of remodeling companies have any kind of functional rehash program at all. Simply put: they don’t work.

The good news is that by updating your methods, you absolutely can make rehash programs work. But to accomplish this, you’ve got to shift from a SALES (now!) focus to a MARKETING (nurture!) focus. In this session you will learn exactly how to do this.

The first step is to understand the REAL reasons why your prospect didn’t buy from you in the first place. Sometimes they choose to buy from a competitor, but the #1 reason has nothing to do with your competitors, your salesman, the prospect’s understanding, or anything else that you can control. In this session you’ll learn what it is, and why this gives you a huge opportunity to nurture this prospect to a close in the future.

Once you have a handle on the REASONS WHY they didn’t buy, you can implement a marketing-oriented follow-up system. The three questions you have to answer are 1) WHAT TO SEND, 2) HOW OFTEN TO SEND, and 3) WHAT MESSAGE SHOULD BE DELIVERED.

All three of these critical topics will be covered in detail in this session. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of email, direct mail, and telephone follow up. You’ll be led step-by-step through the process of creating a budget that will show you how often to send marketing pieces (hint: a lot more than you think!), and you’ll discover the most effective messaging to get the job done.

As usual, this isn’t a “sit back and take a couple of notes” session. This is a paradigm-busting powerhouse seminar that will forever change the way you think about rehash programs. And for those intrepid enough to actually implement what you learn, it will be a reliable source of ever-increasing revenue for your company for years to come.

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Battered, Bloodied, & Still Standing

How To Turn The Soul-Crushing Stress of Entrepreneurship
Into The Sweet Thrill Of Victory.

Owning your own business—it’s the American Dream. But the dirty little secret nobody ever tells you is how insanely difficult it is to actually succeed. Name any statistic you want about the huge percentage of businesses that fail—they all tell the same story: You’re way more likely to LOSE than you are to WIN.

In this candid, riveting, and sometimes depressing session on WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO WIN, lifetime entrepreneur Rich Harshaw shares the wisdom he’s gained over 20 years in the trenches of business ownership. Rich was a millionaire by the age of 32, $3 million in debt by age 34… then spent 10 long years digging out and climbing his way back to the top of the mountain.

Along the way, Rich discovered the difference between winners and losers; why some people get up after getting kicked in the teeth while others slink off into the shadows. He’s distilled the principles of success and shares them with his trademark wit, humor, and no-holds-barred candor. You’ll be captivated and encouraged as he tells you what he’s been through—and how you can make it through your own inevitably difficult journey…. Battered, bloodied, but still standing.

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Overcoming Price Resistance

Watch Closing Ratios Soar and Sales Skyrocket By Shutting Down
Price Objections Before They’re Ever Even Raised

If you’re a remodeling company selling on the higher end of the pricing scale, then you’re no stranger to price objections. Sometimes prospects will just tell you that they think you’re too high; other times, they make up excuses because they don’t have the guts to just tell you they think you’re too high. Either way, in the end, you frequently walk out without a sale.

In the past, the solution was to either cut your prices… or to train your sales people better. But nobody wants to cut prices, and consumers are wary of 3-hour sales pitches designed to wear them out while you educate them why you’re actually worth the extra money.

The solution for selling to today’s consumer is to deliberately and liberally utilize marketing-based price conditioning. The idea is simple: to help your prospects understand what quality looks like, how you deliver it, and why they should expect to pay for it…. and to do all this BEFORE YOU EVER SET FOOT IN THE PROSPECTS’ HOME.

In short, your job is to give your prospects enough information to ensure that they absolutely FALL IN LOVE with your company… and condition them to fully expect to pay a premium for the privilege of doing business with you. In fact, they’ll be happy to pay more… because they’ll understand exactly what they are getting in exchange for the extra money.

This webinar will show you exactly—step by step—how to accomplish this, and show you examples of everything discussed. You’ll learn how to take all the things you already do that make you more valuable (and more expensive)… and how to communicate them with power, precision, and passion so that your value proposition is unmistakable and self-evident.

You’ll see what this looks like in terms of advertising, website development, home show strategies, phone scripts, emails, and more. You’ll also understand the underlying principles of WHY people are begging to be educated, and how being the one company who actually “pulls back the curtain” and teaches them how to judge contractor quality puts you in the driver’s seat to get the sale.

This isn’t pie-in-the-sky theory… it’s not wishful thinking. And it’s not some two-bit technique that works sometimes and fails the rest. You’ll learn a set of principles that work every single time they’re implemented properly, and that are guaranteed to lower price resistance, raise closing ratios, and greatly improve average sale amounts.

Stop getting beat up over price. Attend this webinar and learn how to use your higher price to your advantage. Wouldn’t that be a nice change!?!

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