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Consumer Buying Behavior
For Remodeling Has
Radically Changed
In The Last 5-7 Years.

If Your Marketing Hasn’t Changed Too…

Let’s face it: Most of the lead generating tactics you’ve relied on in the past don’t work very well any more. Ads that used to pull 30 leads now pull 10. Direct mail isn’t reliable. TV & radio are iffy and require a ton of cash. And the internet remains a mystery for most remodelers.

Simply put, the rules have changed. There has been a profound shift in the way people gather information now. The internet has been around since the late 1990’s… but now it’s literally in the palm of everyone’s hand—which means that any information on any topic is now instantly accessible.

As a remodeler, from a marketing perspective, this is a total game changer.

Think back to 2006: Let’s say you placed an ad in the paper that would consistently generate 10 leads. If you were to place that same ad today—in 2014—how many leads would it pull? You’d be lucky to get 2 or 3.

So Where Did All The Leads Go? Are People Still Buying?

Contrary to what you may have heard, people do still read the paper—and watch TV and listen to the radio. They still check their mail and read magazines. The difference now is people don’t have to WAIT TO SEE ADS before taking action on a home improvement project.

When a 2007 homeowner got an idea to replace his windows (remodel his kitchen, etc.) he didn’t have a fast & easy way to check into it. Instead, he’d usually just forget about it until… drum roll, please… he saw your ad, which reminded him to call. BOOM—you just got a lead.

You don’t get that lead anymore. Now he just whips out his phone (or iPad or wireless laptop) and Googles it. Maybe he finds your website, maybe not. If he does find it, maybe he likes what he sees, maybe he doesn’t.

Mastering All Aspects of Internet Marketing Is No Longer Optional.
That Means Getting Found, Generating Leads, And CONVERTING.

Sure, having a nice-looking website is important, but that’s only 5% of the battle. The other 95% has to do with creating a powerful IDENTITY that instantly sets you apart from your competitors, and creating compelling evidence on your site that makes prospects say “I’d have to be an absolute FOOL to do business with anyone but you, regardless of price.” You’ll also learn how to write engaging copy, master SEO, social media, pay-per-click, and effective lead handling.

You’ve Also Got To Master The New Rules of Advertising,
Following-Up, Lead Generating, & Selling.

This isn’t a “come get one good idea” website. It’s a status-quo-divorcing game changer. Every marketing topic that matters has changed. Check The New Rules of Marketing to learn more.