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It’s Harder Than Ever
For Contractors To
Reliably Generate
Leads & Close Sales.

The Old Rules Of Marketing Simply Do Not Work Anymore.
It’s Time To Learn THE NEW RULES.

Remember the good old days when the formula for success was to spend a few thousand dollars on advertising in the newspaper or direct mail, generate a bunch of leads, then send your salesmen in to close “early, often, & hard”? Everything changed in 2007 to 2010 with recession (people became more cautious with their money) and the advent of wireless internet and smart phones (and everyone got instant access to information 24/7).  Monopolize Your Marketplace exists to get you up to speed with  the way the world works NOW. Here’s a quick summary of the NEW RULES:

NEW RULE #1: Differentiate Or Die

You’ve got to instantly & definitively communicate exactly why you’re different & better than all your competitors... then integrate online, in ads, EVERYWHERE. We call this Identity.


Place your ads and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. As long as you spent the money, you’d succeed.

NEW RULE #2: Turn Lookers into Buyers

Your website will make or break your entire marketing program. Now your website has to not only look nice, it has to make your prospects FALL IN LOVE with your company. It should give compelling reasons why you’re different and better, and provide evidence and social proof to back up your claims.


Just having a nice-looking website gave you enough credibility for most prospects.

NEW RULE #3: Search Engine Dominance

All of the “lost leads” from advertising are now on the internet—capture them or die. SEO isn’t optional anymore; it’s absolutely mandatory that you learn how to dominate.


Most of your business came from your advertising; anything the search engines brought you was gravy.

NEW RULE #4: Pre-Appointment Selling

Make prospects fall in love with your company before you ever set foot in their home. A combination of your website, emails, phone scripting, and reports will convince prospects that they’d be fools to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price.


Show up for sales meetings, close “early, often, and hard” and walk away with the sale.

NEW RULE #5: Home Show Mastery

MYM’s “Triple Play” Home Show formula will increase leads and appointments by 3 to 10 times over whatever you’re doing now. The program is simple to understand, easy to implement, and predictable for increased results. Yes, PREDICTABLE RESULTS.


Show up at the home show with your booth and sales people, wait for the big crowds, and set appointments.

NEW RULE #6: Turn One Sale Into Many

Our Proximity marketing program is light years ahead of the old “send 3 postcards and pray” method. We’ll show you exactly what to do, step by step, to get your customers’ neighbors to buy from you like it’s going out style.


Send a few postcards out around jobsites and wait for calls to come in.

NEW RULE #7: Advertising

Direct response advertising doesn’t work very well anymore; advertising is now about building relationships and nurturing future buyers to fall in love with you NOW so they’ll buy from you LATER.


As long as you were spending the money to “buy your leads” you were in good shape. Leads were predictable and cost effective.

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