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Contractor Lead Generation
& Marketing Audit

Let Us Evaluate Your Website
For Power, Conversion, & Visibility…
And Uncover Your Company’s
Unique & Powerful Identity.

We’ll conduct an in-depth audit of your company’s website and lead-generation activities. Then, we’ll spend 90 minutes on the phone with to you discuss our findings and conduct an Identity discovery session. This valuable marketing insight is worth $4,500 and is yours for FREE—if you meet the conditions below.

Identity Discovery Session

What Makes Your Company Unique, Different, & Better?

We’ll interview you to find your company’s “showerhead” so it can be powerfully communicated in all your marketing & lead generation efforts.

$1,500 Value

Learn More About Identity

Website Conversion Audit

Does Your Website Convert LOOKERS Into BUYERS?

We will review & grade your website on a scale of 0 to 100, based on:

• Identity
• Professionalism
• Social Proof & Evidence
• Headline Funnel

$1,000 Value

See Sample Reports

Website Visibility Audit

Is Your Website Getting The Traffic It Should?

We’ll review your SEO & PPC and provide the following reports:

• SEO Effectiveness
• Google Analytics Audit
• PPC Audit
• Keyword Ranking

$1,000 Value

See Sample Reports

Please call us at (682) 514-9199 or click here to email.

What Other Remodelers Are Saying About This Consultation…

“I didn’t realize how far behind we were until I sat down with Bryan for the consultation. It was a real eye-opener, to say the least. In a good way.”
– David Warner

“We paid somebody 10 grand to build us a new website just last year. Now I know why it isn’t working, even though it looks fantastic.”
– Matt Foley

“I was afraid Bryan was going to try to sell me something. He didn’t. I ended up asking him if I could buy MYM’s services.”
– Frank Giovanni

“I’ve been on 5 or 6 webinars; I understand Identity and conversion. But after this meeting, I finally saw how we were falling short, and how it is killing our business.”
– Dick Salisbury

“To be honest, I was a little taken back. Bryan is not rude, but he doesn’t pull any punches, either. Best 90 minutes you’ll spend all year.”
– Justin Brinkman

“The Identity consultation was invaluable. All the stuff that’s great about your business, he somehow manages to get it all out. Astounding.”
– Misty Phillips

“I’ve been following MYM for 10 years now. I’m not sure why I waited this long to engage with them. Big mistake. Can’t wait to see my Identity on my website.”
–Kevin Dinkins

“The amount of information Bryan was prepared with ABOUT MY COMPANY was unbelievable. Great experience. Very helpful.”
– Stephanie Henegar

ALL 3, For FREE*

*HERE’S THE CATCH: We put a lot of time and effort into your Lead Generation & Marketing Audit, so please don’t fill out the form below unless you intend to follow through with the consultation with us. As soon as you hit “submit” our team of marketing and web experts will begin grading your website, evaluating your SEO, and generating ideas for your identity. If you have any questions, please read the FAQ at the bottom of this page, call us at (682) 514-9199, or email us. To qualify for this Audit, you must:

     • Be familiar with MYM and the concept of Identity
     • Company owners must be present for the Audit consultation
     • Completely fill out the form below
     • Allocate 90 minutes for the Audit consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below to expand the answer.

Why does the Audit Consultation take 90 minutes?

We will review your results and discuss your company’s Identity.

Who from my company should attend the Audit Consultation?

The owner of the company, and any/all key marketing personnel.

Who from MYM will be speaking to for the Audit Consultation?

Bryan Bauman, MYM’s Senior Vice President of Business Development will be leading the Consultation. Bryan has been with MYM since 2001, and has been personally trained by Rich Harshaw. He has worked with well over 5,000 businesses in his career, over half of which have been remodeling companies and other home improvement contractors.

Are You Going To Try To Sell Us Something?

That’s completely up to you. We’re going to show you where you are doing well and where you are falling short. We specialize in working with contractors to generate leads, and have bundles of essential services beginning at just $599 a month. If you feel like our services can be of benefit to you, we would be happy to explain them to you.

What’s Going To Happen After I Submit This Form?

You will be contacted right away by a member of the MYM Support Staff to schedule the Audit Consultation, which will take place in 3 to 7 business days. We need time to perform the Audit and compile the information.