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Hire MYM To
Create Your Identity,
Turbocharge Your Website,
Drive Web Traffic…
And That’s Just For Starters!

MYM Offers A Full Range Of Marketing Services
To Drive Leads & Increase Your Business.

It All Starts With Identity.
Then Turning Lookers Into Buyers.
Next, Drive Tons of Quality Web Traffic.
Then Advertising, Direct Mail, & More.

So you’re convinced MYM’s way of marketing is the best way of marketing, right? Of course you are!

Now the questions becomes “How do I actually implement all this cool stuff into my business?” Great question.

Up until 2011, we were primarily a TRAINING company; after about 1,000 contractors asked us for help in actually creating and implementing marketing, we decided to start offering marketing fulfillment services. And that’s no small thing: the infrastructure and systems needed to write and design great MYM-style marketing is quite different—and more significant—than simply conducting training.

So in 2012 we created a set of “Fulfillment Packages” that allow our clients to purchase whatever marketing services they need in an a ’la carte fashion. Need an identity? We can do that! Want to overhaul your website? Done! Mailing programs? Home shows? Advertising? Done, done, and done.

Later that year we began bundling some of our most popular training and Fulfillment Packages into affordable, low-monthly payment “Bonus Bundles.” This is your best chance to get the essential MYM services you need at an unbelievably low price.

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