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A Powerful, Entertaining Way

Explainer Videos are animated, hand-drawn “whiteboard” style videos that are awesome for increasing conversion on your website… and they’re a great way to improve your SEO rankings (Google loves video!). This is a tool that every single remodeling company should be using ASAP. That’s why we’ve put the time, energy, and effort into acquiring the talent to make these for our clients—they are that important!

We recommend that you AT LEAST create an explainer video for your Identity (that can be placed on your home page, ‘why choose us’ page, and ‘about us’ pages)… and if budget allows, create videos for your individual services (roofing, windows, siding, bathrooms, etc.).

Learn More About Explainer Videos

We don’t have a webinar for you to watch about Explainer Videos,
but we do have a lot of Explainer Videos for you to watch!
Here’s one to the right, and there are several more below.

We sell these video for $4,000 for up to a 3 minute video (within 20 seconds either way). This price includes:

  • Scripting by an MYM Senior Copywriter.
  • Storyboarding (determining what illustrations to draw) by our Explainer Expert!
  • Illustrations by our Master Illustrator…
  • Voice over by professional voice talent (we have a few different ones you can choose from)
  • Background music (we have several different tracks to choose from)
  • Animation by our video team.

Special Offer

Our MYM “Bundle” Clients (ones we build websites for, do SEO & PPC for, etc.) are eligible for an automatic 25% discount, which brings THEIR price to $3,000.

And right now, for a limited time, we will make Bundle Pricing available to ANYONE… and if you buy 2 Explainer Videos, we will give you a THIRD ONE FOR FREE.

That will give you ONE for you IDENTITY… and TWO for any services you offer. Or if there is some other particular element of your business you’d like to explain (warranties, low sales pressure, etc.) we can do that, too.


  • Buy 1 Explainer video for $3,000
  • Or Buy 2 Explainer Videos, Get 1 FREE… Total Price: $6,000
  • Half due upon starting project; half due upon completion
  • All videos will be between 2:40 and 3:20 in length

Frequently Asked Questions

WHERE ON MY WEBSITE SHOULD I PUT MY EXPLAINER VIDEO? We recommend putting Identity-based videos on your home page so they complement the message and give visitors and alternative and secondary way to get your “BIG IDEA” message. We normally DO NOT recommend making the video the main/only way to explain your services—this could be a turn-off for some people. Here’s an example of a client’s Identity-based home page, with the video on the right-hand side of the page. We recommend the same approach for product-based pages, but with the video on the internal product page instead of the home page. Return to the list.

DO YOU DO ANY OTHER STYLES OF EXPLAINER VIDEOS BESIDES ‘WHITEBOARD’? We don’t. We’ve worked hard to develop an expertise in creating explainer videos, and we have a team of talented artists and animators who specialize in the whiteboard style. We feel that this is the best style, and most widely appropriate for our clients. Return to the list.

IS AN EXPLAINER VIDEO BETTER THAN A LIVE-ACTION VIDEO? It totally depends on the situation. Live action videos can be very powerful, and are the right choice in many situations. But besides being fun to watch and easy to understand, explainer videos have one major advantage over live-action: we don’t have to dispatch expensive camera crews to your location to capture the video! All of the planning and coordinating can be done over the phone and via email, and our team of experts can assemble the video without having to meet at your location. Return to the list.

CAN I CHOOSE MY OWN MUSIC, VOICE TALENT, ETC.? We’re open to your suggestions, sure. But for the majority of our clients, the music and voice talent we have pre-selected should work just fine. We have about 10 different background music tracks that we’ve licensed for this specific application, and we have voice talent that knows the style we are shooting for. That being said, we will discuss all of these elements with you, and are open to your input! Return to the list.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE AN EXPLAINER? Normal turnaround time is about six weeks from start to launch. The first couple of weeks are writing the script and getting it approved by you. Production then takes about 2 weeks, with another 2 weeks available for edits, unexpected delays, etc. Return to the list.

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