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The Secret Weapon That Will Put An EXTRA $250,000 In Your Personal Pocket Next Year—With Zero Risk or Effort

What if I could show you a way to increase your average sale by up to 75%?

This isn’t BS. I’m serious.

For example:

If you sell windows and your average sale is $6,000—I can show you how to get as much as $10,500 for that sale. From the same customer. With the same sales person. With no arm twisting.

Let me be crystal clear: I’m not talking about getting $10,500 for the exact same thing you’re selling now for $6,000. I’m talking about getting that prospect to eagerly and willingly BUY MORE THAN THEY DO NOW… and to gladly pay 10% to 20% than you normally get.

What if instead of selling 10 of your “good” windows for $600 each, you could sell 10 of your “premium” windows for $1,050 each (instead of $900)?

Or instead of settling for 8 windows, the customer decides to go ahead and buy all 14 they actually need right now?

Apply the same math to whatever you sell, and whatever your averages are. You get the idea.

So here’s the secret, and it’s astonishingly simple: you MUST proactively offer low-APR financing to your customers.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now—STOP.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ll overcome all your concerns and make you a believer in just a minute, below.

But first, consider this:

If you have a $2 million company, you could literally add $1 million EXTRA dollars to your top line next year.

With no increase in customers. With no new sales people to train. With no additional adverting spend.

That extra $1 million in sales could mean an extra $200,000 to $400,000 in cash in your pocket NEXT YEAR. Your personal income could go jump past $500,000 a year—or more. If you don’t own the company… well, I guess you’ll have to settle for making your boss rich.

Financing is one of the least understood and most underutilized tools available to remodelers.

And the truth is, most remodelers dismiss it out of hand as either “not necessary—my customers don’t need/want it,” or “too expensive—a ripoff.” Those who do use it usually pull it out strictly as a “deal saver” if they feel a sale slipping away.

Okay, now I’m going to kill your objections:

Objection 1: Financing Costs Me Money.

The Truth: Not even close. It makes you money hand over fist. Check this out:

  • $5,519 – Average sale with “no interest if paid in full in 12 months” offer
  • $6,804 – Average sale with “no interest if paid in up to 36 months” offer
  • $7,466 – Average sale with longer term, low APR finance offer

These stats come directly from one of the biggest home improvement financing companies in the country. You’ll notice they don’t list the average sale when there is NO financing—that’s impossible for a financing company to track—think about it.

But if you look at those numbers, I think you’d agree that without financing, the numbers would be lower. To think otherwise would be foolish.

One of our customers—a closet organization company—started offering financing, and THEIR VERY FIRST CUSTOMER decided to do three closets at once instead of the ONE they had been planning on doing… because of financing.

That was a $2,800 sale that magically became a $7,700 sale.

Yes, there is a fee for the service—about 5% to 6% of the deal. But would you rather have a $2,800 sale and keep all of it… or a $7,700 sale and “only” keep $7,250.

The difference in gross profit is about $2,000 ($3,400 vs. $1,400). More than double, even AFTER subtracting out the “expensive” fee.

Objection #2: My customers don’t need or want financing. They prefer to just pay cash.

The Truth: Far, far from the truth.

You only think that’s true because you don’t offer financing—or if you do offer it, you offer it as a last-second deal saver.

Trust me, no matter how wealthy you think your customers are, 98% of them don’t want to drop $5k to $25k on a home improvement project out of their own savings. And if they do, they will inevitably spend LESS than if they had a finance option. You are turning away money, plain and simple.

Next time you drive up to a prospect’s home, look at the car in driveway. Do you think that BMW or Lexus—or Honda, for that matter—was paid for with cash? Are you insane? Of course it was financed.

Because that’s what people do.

But you have to give them the choice. And you have to put the option on the table from the first minute you open your mouth in the first 10 seconds of the meeting.

Then there’s the issue of WHO to go to for financing. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have thoroughly researched ALL of the major players and have a strong recommendation.

And trust me—they’re cheaper, faster, and far more customer-service oriented than some of the names you might be thinking of (cough, cough, GE, Enerbank).

Want to get HALF the money advanced to you within 4 hours of signing the deal?.

Want the lowest discount rates in the industry? We’ve got ‘em for you.

Want instant credit decisions from your iPad while you sit in the customer’s home? Check.

Seriously, you HAVE to check this out.

All that’s left to do now is call and get signed up.

Call for more information.

The majority of the frequent questions are already addressed above… please read for more details on financing, and call us with your questions!

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