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Harvesting Cash From Prospects Who Didn’t Convert (Yet!)

According to Replacement Contractor Magazine, 70% of prospects who DO NOT buy right away WILL buy from somebody within the next 12 months. 70%! Yet most remodeling companies stubbornly cling to the belief that if the deal didn’t close, it’s because the prospect was “broke, stupid, or both.” Nothing could be further from the truth: some prospects just need more time to simmer in the pan, and this package contains everything you need to nurture them along to close.

You will be SHOCKED at how much money you are leaving on the table… and how EASY it is to nurture those prospects into buyers. Watch the webinar video below for the full scoop!

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Our Past Prospects Package Includes:

  • Customization of 10 postcards and 15 email messages.
  • Cost: $3,000

WHY SHOULD I BOTHER MAILING (OR EMAILING) TO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY TOLD ME NO? There could be a thousand reasons they said no.. but the most common one, believe it or not, is that the price you asked was higher than they thought. Many of these prospect liked your company and want to buy from you, but they feel like they don’t have the money to do so. Continuing to follow up with them via email and mail will yield many new customers—it just takes some time and patience.

CAN I JUST EMAIL THEM? DO I HAVE TO SEND MAIL? Email is not nearly as impactful as actual physical mail. You should be doing both. The key is consistency and frequency—the more often you send something, the more likely it is to push them to buy.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I SEND MAILERS? More often than you think! Just run the numbers. Let’s say you have 100 leads, and you close 30 deals. That’s 70 unclosed prospects. If you were to mail each of them every WEEK for TWO YEARS, that would cost you about 75 cents each x 100 weeks = $75 x 70 prospects = $5,250. Using a ratio of 10% marketing cost vs. sales, you’d need to close about $50,000 in sales to make this a good investment. If your average sale is $10,000, that’s 5 sales. So what we’re talking about is closing 5 out of 70… after hitting them EVERY SINGLE WEEK for two years. This is doable.

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