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Massively Lower Sales Resistance
Using Pre-Positioning…

Increase Kept Appointments, Closing Ratios, and Average Sale Amounts.

Pre-Positioning is the best way to lower sales resistance before you ever set foot in the home for the appointment. By creating a superior website, sending emails prior to the appointment, creating a “Contractor Standards Guide” and utilizing phone scripting, you’ll increase your closing ratios and raise selling prices across the board.

We’ve created pre-positioning packages for hundreds of contractors. Click on any of the images below to sample some of our wares (note: each image will open in a new window)…

Our Pre-Positioning Package includes customization of:

  • Contractor Standards Guide
  • One Standard Product Report
  • Appointment Sheet
  • 3 Pre-Positioning Emails
  • Note: Additional Product Reports and/or Custom Reports Available For Additional Fee
  • Cost: $3,000

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY WOULD I NEED A PRE-POSITIONING PACKAGE? Most homeowners have never purchased what you are selling, and as result, they have no idea how to evaluate contractors, how much the project should cost, or how to evaluate quality. As a result, homeowners are often feel overwhelmed during sales presentations, and stall instead of moving forward with a purchase. The PPP helps to educate them about the products and your company, and makes them much more comfortable making a purchase, even before you show up for the sales appointment. The result are shorter sales cycles, more first-call closes, higher closing ratios, and higher average sales. Return to the list.

WHAT IS A CONTRACTOR STANDARDS GUIDE? It’s a guide that helps homeowners choose the best contractor, based on four broad categories: Financial Stability, Reputation, Professionalism, and Workmanship. Each of the four sections is broken into 4 to 6 individual elements, and each element is explained and demonstrated. For instance, in the Financial Stability section, one of the elements is “Proof of Insurance.” The guide explains what type (and how much) insurance a contractor should have, what risks the homeowner is taking if the contractor doesn’t have it, and an image of the contractor’s insurance policy as proof that they adhere to the standard. Homeowner’s are encouraged to rigorously check any contractor they hire for compliance with the elements listed in the guide. Return to the list.

WHAT IS THE PRODUCT GUIDE? We use an oversized tri-fold brochure to give important information about the products you sell to your prospects, such as how to discern different levels of quality, energy efficiency, styles/colors/sizes available, warranties, and in some cases, price ranges. Return to the list.

WE SELL MORE THAN ONE PRODUCT… DO I NEED MULTIPLE GUIDES? We recommend that you create product guides for all the products you sell; additional guides are sold at discounted rates. Ask an MYM representative for details. Return to the list.

WHY WOULD I SEND EMAILS BEFORE THE SALES MEETING? The whole idea of pre-positioning is to lower sales resistance. The more information you can give prospects BEFORE you show up for the sales appointment, the more likely they are to keep their appointment, welcome you as a bona fide solution provider, and buy from you during the first meeting—and at higher prices. We will create emails for you that give information about your company’s Identity, and that provide social proof. Return to the list.

WON’T THESE MATERIALS ‘STEAL THE THUNDER’ OF MY SALES PERSON? No. They will make your sales person’s job much easier and quicker. Return to the list.

SHOULD I MAIL THE MATERIALS OUT AHEAD OF TIME? CAN I JUST USE EMAIL INSTEAD? Hard copies are ideal, but they do take time, money, and effort to send out. Hard copies provide a tactile experience, and show prospects that you’re serious about earning their business. Email copies are acceptable—but don’t make the decision strictly based on cost. The primary decision should be based on your ability to execute sending them out in a timely fashion. Return to the list.

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