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A Tale of Two Gutter Companies

Two Brilliantly Branded Gutter Companies With Overlapping Service Areas Are The Definition of Monopolizing Your Marketplace

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for getting more rain than sun. Given the intense amount of rain that Seattle and Portland get, it’s no real surprise that the gutter business thrives in the area. Jim Singleterry, owner of Leafless in Seattle, knows that he’s just one of many gutter companies trying to makes waves in a literally saturated part of the country.

When Jim started with Monopolize Your Marketplace, he had a website, but it wasn’t great. He was the first to admit it. He did very little SEO, and the SEO that was being done, Jim was doing himself. While something is better than nothing, he just didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate in order to keep up with Google’s requirements and SEO best practices.

Another struggle that many companies will run into when attempting SEO – primarily Local SEO, is the painful result of getting leads for clients that are out of their service area. Some clients see dealing with people 25+ miles out of their way as a waste of time. Jim saw it as an opportunity for growth. And so, Leafless in Portland was born; another division of Leafless in Seattle, located in the Portland OR area, and serving the parts of Washington that he did not technically service in his Seattle location.

As MYM built two new websites for Leafless in Seattle and Leafless in Portland, we did a small amount of SEO on the existing Seattle website. However the platform that the website was built on was very restrictive and didn’t allow for proper back end “Nerd” coding modification. The site also had load time issues and lacked the amount of keyword rich content necessary to improve rankings.

The majority of the SEO that we were doing was Off Page – Link Building – which by itself isn’t enough to sustain rankings.

Click here to view their initial SEO report.

After struggling with ranking for hardly any keywords at all, we were more than excited to launch Leafless in Seattle’s new site, allowing us to do the SEO that we knew for months that we needed to do. After a few weeks of our aggressive SEO, we started seeing dramatic increases in Jim’s keyword rankings and website traffic.

Several weeks later, Leafless in Portland’s site was launched, and we did the same aggressive SEO for this site. When we were doing SEO for just Leafless in Seattle, we combined all service areas for both locations into one campaign. When Portland launched, we drew clear lines on which location services which area, and continue to run two unique campaigns with similar strategy and success.

Both Leafless in Seattle and Leafless in Portland continue to do very well in organic search – and we consistently see increases in traffic and Google rankings. Jim is very involved in his SEO Campaign. He provides case study data, adds additional videos to his site, and provides testimonials on a consistent basis. We expect these results to continue and for the Leafless in Seattle and Leafless in Portland sites to keep climbing their way to #1, dominating the Pacific Northwest Gutter Market.

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