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Small Business, Moderate Budget, Great Results

Small-Town Based Gutter Company Aims at Taking Over
the Chicago Search Results – and Is Succeeding.

When Tim Weber started Spring Rock Gutters, he didn’t want to do what national and larger regional companies were doing when it came to running a gutter business. He did however want to compete with these big-name companies in organic search. Companies that were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing were dominating the top results, and ranking for highly competitive search terms would take some extensive work.

He knew it would be a challenge and he was up for it, but he didn’t have the time to manage a Search Engine Optimization campaign while running a business. He also didn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw into a marketing effort that wouldn’t yield results. That’s why he brought MYM on board; to manage his SEO and manage his marketing spend effectively in order to increase Spring Rock Gutter’s search engine visibility and drive more targeted customers to his website.

When we began Spring Rock Gutters’ SEO campaign, we focused on 20 well-researched keywords. All of them targeted the company’s (then) home town of Indian Head Park, IL. The goal was to increase his rankings in a smaller, less competitive area in order to gain Domain Authority. Within 8 months, we had Spring Rock Gutters Ranking on the 1st page for 100% of their keywords. Click here to see the keyword report.

In August, 2015, Tim moved his main location to nearby Woodridge, IL where he wanted to capture even more traffic in some larger neighboring areas. It was decided that an upgraded SEO Package would be best as it would enable us to introduce more competitive keywords into the campaign while providing additional content in the form of blog posts, social media posts, videos, geo-targeted landing pages, and case studies that search engines use to determine a site’s authority.

We are 4 weeks into the new keyword strategy and we’ve already seen remarkable results. Spring Rock Gutters is ranking in the top 10 for over 50% of their new keywords. Their total site traffic and Organic Traffic both continue to increase.

Spring Rock Gutters is expected to continue to see increased rankings, traffic, and leads as a result of MYM’s SEO efforts.

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Current SEO Report—Click Here To View.

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