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Transitions Remodeling Goes Through
Their Own Transition

Home Remodeling Company in Farmington Hills, MI
Rebrands, Relaunches, and Revitalizes Their Online Search Presence

Transitions Remodeling, as its name suggests, focuses on helping home owners ‘transition’ and upgrade their homes by doing higher end home improvement projects. When it came time to do a bit of transitioning of their own in order to boost their SEO and online presence, they sought the assistance of Monopolize Your Marketplace.

The MYM Team Began a Full-Service project for Transitions Remodeling that included a complete website design featuring mobile optimization. While the new site was being designed, our SEO team began optimizing their existing site.

Ranking progress was expectedly inconsistent at first while we implemented new strategies and worked on building quality links and a social media presence. However, about 60 days into the SEO Campaign, Transitions Remodeling starting seeing results. The most impressive increase came between March 30th, 2015 and April 6th, 2015 when Transitions Remodeling went from ranking #20 for Bathroom Remodeling Farmington to ranking #3, and went from ranking #20 to #7 for Home Safety Remodeling Projects. (FIGURE 1)

On June 24th, 2015 the new Transitions Remodeling website went live. We experienced an expected decrease in the site’s rankings while Google re-learned how to read their new site and as we transitioned all of our back-end coding and SEO strategies. (FIGURE 2)

In July, 2015 we added 20 new pages of high quality, keyword dense articles on the Transitions Remodeling site in an effort to give a boost to the rankings that we saw decrease with the new website launch.

As of October 2015, four months since the launch of the new Transitions Remodeling website, we have continued to see consistent growth for their keyword rankings as well as site traffic. They are currently ranking on the 1st page for 71% of their keywords. (FIGURE 3)

Figure 1

Transitions Remodeling | February 2015 – April 2015 | Google Ranking Report
Click the image to zoom in

Figure 2

Transitions Remodeling | June 6th 2015 – July 4th 2015 | Google Ranking Report
Click the image to zoom in

Figure 3

Current SEO Report—Click Here To View.

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