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Turn Lookers Into Buyers

Your website is the most important tool in your entire marketing arsenal. Every single prospect you ever get will judge your company—and their likelihood of doing business with you—on what they find when they look you up online.

To effectively convert LOOKERS into BUYERS, your website must look good and say the right things. That’s where MYM comes in: with our wealth of experience in contractor marketing, we know how to both write and build a great website.

It all starts with a powerful IDENTITY… and MYM is the only marketing company that understands the concept and executes it flawlessly. We’ll round out your site with killer, convert-making copy on every single page. Visitors won’t just buy from you, they’ll be begging to buy from you.

Content is key, but so are looks. Remember, people DO judge books by their covers. That’s why MYM builds STUNNING websites that instantly communicate that you’re all about quality and providing a high-end experience… before they ever read a word. Let MYM help you turn your website into a cash-generating powerhouse for you!

We've launched hundreds of awesome websites for contractors just like yourself. Click on any of the images below to sample some of our wares (note: each website will open in a new window)…

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Other Contractors

Website Content (35 Pages)

Let MYM do the heavy lifting of overhauling the content of you entire website. We’ll use powerful, precise, and passionate language to persuade your website visitors that you are the obvious choice to do business with. Upon content approval, you have the option of MYM building your website (recommended) or handing it to another designer for implementation.

Indluces: Writing content for up to 35 pages.
Cost: $12,000.

Website Build (mobile-ready site)

MYM’s professional website builders will take the content we’ve written and turn it into a dynamite selling machine! We understand how to combine text with graphics and make everything look just right. We'll code your custom site from scratch and tailor the colors and photos to match your identity and company branding.

Indluces: Designing graphics, and building/coding a website up to 35 pages in custom HTML. Additional pages are $250 each.
Cost: $5,000.

Unlimited Updates

If MYM builds your website, there’s no need to mess around with updating your site yourself. With this package, we’ll give you UNLIMITED updates to your website so you can always keep things fresh.

Includes: Unlimited updates for the duration of the Bundle term, starting when new website goes live. Updates are unlimited, but must be batched and submitted a maximum of 2 times per month. Does not include new content writing. To be considered an “update” no more than 30% of a page may be changed, otherwise, that is considered a new page. Other update submission protocol may apply.
$2,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

I ALREADY HAVE A WEBSITE… WHY SHOULD I GET A NEW ONE? To put it mildly, there’s a 99% chance that your current website is under-performing, which is probably costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Literally. If your site does not have an integrated identity, you are losing. If it does not contain all of the necessary social proof, you are losing. If it doesn’t look first class and professional, you are losing. Your website is way too important to risk anything but the best.

If you’re not convinced—or if you’re not sure—request a FREE Website Evaluation; we’ll give your website a grade from 0 to 100, and show you exactly what needs to be done for it to improve. Return to the list.

HOW ARE YOUR WEBSITES DIFFERENT OR BETTER THAN WHAT I CAN GET ELSEWHERE? MYM websites all start with Identity, first and foremost. Your website’s job is to convince people that you are different and better and worth more money. We write content that accomplishes just that. Then we build a STUNNING website that creates a dramatic, quality-driven first impression. With an MYM website, you will win more business. Return to the list.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BUILD MY NEW SITE? About 4 to 6 months. The identity itself will take about one month to complete; then we allocate 2 months for website content development & approval, and 2 months to build the site. Average delivery time is 5.3 months. To read about our content approval process, click this link. Return to the list.

CAN YOU WORK WITHIN MY EXISTING WEBSITE? Nope. We’ve found this to be a recipe for disaster. Who knows what kind of code and other monsters are lurking inside your site! We recommend that you have us build you a new site from scratch—it will probably look better and function better than what you have anyway. If you insist on keeping your current look and feel, we can write your content only, and you can then have your own webmaster load it into your site. Return to the list.

WHAT ABOUT A MOBILE VERSION OF MY SITE? All of our websites are mobile responsive, which means they automatically adjust to whatever device a person is using to view it. Return to the list.

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