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The Difference Between Ranking #3
And #1 On Google

Really, how much of a difference is there between ranking #3 on Google and ranking #1?

As long as you’re in those top few search results, it can’t be THAT drastic, right?

Actually, it is. To the tune of potentially millions of dollars.

That’s what one of our clients in the Dallas area, Clarity Windows, found out this past month when we took them to #1 on Google.

For months, they’d been stuck in the #3 spot for a particularly competitive keyword.

That’s a pretty good place to be in such a hyper-competitive market. But they wanted to climb to the top of Google Mountain and plant their flag in that #1 spot.

And we made it happen.

Before I tell you the details, let me throw out some stats to show you just how big a deal being #1 is.

The first five organic search results on Google’s results page get an astounding 76% of the traffic share. Here’s the breakdown of the average traffic share for each spot:

5.) 6.1%

4.) 8.1%

3.) 11.4%

2.) 17.6%

1.) 32.5% (!!!)

As you can see, the difference between being #3 and #1 is almost three times the amount of traffic.

Pretty incredible for moving three short inches up the results page. Three times the traffic means a whole lot more leads… and a whole lot more money in your bank account.

Now that you know why #1 is a huge deal, let’s dive back into the story…

Through a combination of creating geographic-specific content, performing behind-the-scenes “nerd” coding, and other SEO-boosting strategies, we helped Clarity Windows finally break through to #1.

And the results have been absolutely phenomenal.

Clarity Windows’ website contact form alone is now pulling 30+ leads per month.

Take a look…

Snapshot of Clarity Windows’ contact form leads from 5/1 to 5/19.

And these aren’t measly four-window jobs, either. Some of these leads are gargantuan, ultra-lucrative 20-window projects for prospects who want them, like, yesterday.

See for yourself—here’s one of the lead-form transcripts:

“I am interested in new windows. We have about 25 and some are Mulled 4 window units. We live in [city name removed] and are hoping to start the install process within a couple weeks. We have one room with 8 windows over the garage that is impossible to cool and we’re thinking that is primarily due to the windows.”

Here’s another:

“Would like to get an estimate to replace around 20 windows.”

Here’s one more:

“I’m ready for an estimate on 19 windows for my home. The house is 2 stories with both double hung and slide windows.”

Look at that last transcript again. The prospect says “I’m ready for an estimate.”

Not “I’m considering an estimate.”

Not “How are your prices?”

This prospect is ready to pull the trigger RIGHT. NOW.

Making money from SEO doesn’t get any easier than that, folks.

How is Clarity Windows converting so many hungry, cash-in-hand leads? Because we built them a powerful, persuasive website…

Clarity Windows’ homepage (above fold).

Make no mistake…

Being #1 on Google WILL drive quality traffic to your website. But if the message on your website packs the power of a wet noodle, those hot-and-ready prospects will click away within five seconds.

That’s why you’ve got to suck them in with a powerful, persuasive, relevant message immediately.

Do that, and those prospects will reward you with fistfuls of cash. Over and over.

If you’re not an MYM client and want to know if your website is good enough to convert search-engine traffic into leads, let us perform a lead-generation audit of your website. We’ll evaluate it for power, conversion, and visibility. Then, we’ll provide concrete recommendations for making it better.