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Go Back To Your Happy Customers And Ask For More Business… And Referrals

Contractors spend tons and tons of money on marketing so they have the best opportunity to find the most new customers. But what about the customers you already have? Did you realize that they can, in many cases, be tapped into for huge future sales? It’s true—and it’s not very hard to make happen. The reality is that most of your customers are going to forget who you are within a few months of buying from you. It’s nothing personal… they just have other things in their life to think about and worry about. Your job is to keep your company name and Identity at the top of their mind so that when they’re ready to buy more—or when they’re in a position to give you a referral, they come through.

MYM’s Past Customer Hopper Systems can help you stay in touch via regular mail and email. We recommend monthly emails and quarterly mailers—just enough to bring back the good feelings that were engendered when they bought the first time.

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Our Past Customer Hopper System Includes:

    Customization of 4 postcards and 12 email messages.

“DO I REALLY HAVE TO MAIL MY CUSTOMERS?” No you don’t. But it’s a great idea to do so. You will be surprised how many people will raise their hand and buy from you AGAIN… and ongoing customer mailings are the most surefire way to generate referrals.

“CAN I JUST EMAIL THEM? DO I HAVE TO SEND MAIL?” Email is not nearly as impactful as actual physical mail. You should be doing both. The key is consistency and frequency—the more often you send something, the more likely it is to push them to buy.

“HOW OFTEN SHOULD I SEND MAILERS?” We suggest quarterly for mailers and monthly for email. If you have enough budget to mail monthly, then do so. Make sure your mailers include a heavy dose of Identity, and remember to ask for referrals specifically.

“WHAT ABOUT SENDING NEWSLETTERS TO OUR CUSTOMERS?” Newsletters can be useful, but you have to be careful about the kind of information you include. Many remodeling newsletters are boring and include articles and information that no real human would actually care to read. If you do send a newsletter, make the information about 30% about your company, and 70% about interesting, trivial things that would make people want to read.

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