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New Movers Spend Tons Of Money On Remodeling… Get Your Share Of The Pie!

When it comes to direct mail for remodelers, it’s pretty much where the money is: NEW MOVE-INS.

Just look at the data. According to a Scarborough report, new homeowners are more likely than established homeowners (those who have lived in their home for over 3 years) to spend on the following items for their new home:

  • 53% more likely to repair or replace flooring
  • 47% more likely to add or replace heating and cooling systems
  • 47% more likely to have the interior of their home painted
  • 45% more likely to remodel the home's kitchen
  • 34% more likely to replace siding
  • 33% more likely to add on to the home
  • 32% more likely to remodel the bathroom
  • 29% more likely to replace windows
  • 24% more likely to upgrade the home's exterior
  • 14% more likely to repair or replace the roof

It only makes sense, right? When people buy an existing home, they’re not always going to be crazy about the condition, the colors, the design, or the look. That’s when the checkbook comes out and the spending starts.

So here’s our recommendation. Send one postcard a week for 4 months.

This gives you enough time to:

  • Establish a rapport with the homeowner; make yourself a familiar name.
  • Educate them about who you are, what you do, and why you’re better than everyone else.
  • Let them get settled into their new home and start a project when they’re good and ready.
  • Nudge them into taking action on the project they know they want/need to do.
  • Outlast all the other remodelers who send paltry one or two mailers (or none!).

Learn More About New MoverS

Our new mover package includes 5 postcards, 1 check mailer, follow-up scripts (for micro-canvassing), and a big bill door hanger.

Cost: $3,000

“WHY DO YOU NEED TO MAIL THEM MULTIPLE TIMES?” Repetition is important in any situation where the prospect has no prior exposure to your company. In many cases, you need to hit them 4 or 5 times just to get them to notice you.

“WHAT IS MICRO-CANVASSING?” It means giving a guy a clipboard with all the names and addresses of the people you have been mailing, and having him knock on those doors. Oftentimes, people just need a personal nudge to finally take action. Since the new movers are scattered all over town, micro-canvassing is a little more difficult than it is for neighborhood mailers… but because the need for services is so high, it can definitely pay off.

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