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Control, Monitor & Build Your Online Reputation
To Dramatically Increase Profits & Grow Business

Internet reviews are today’s definitive form of social proof—people don’t buy anything anymore without looking at them.

A person doesn’t decide which restaurant to eat at… the television they’ll buy… the brand of toothbrush they’ll stick in their mouth… until they read online reviews.

So you better believe 99.9% of prospects scope out your online reputation before they even consider contacting you.

And if you have poor (or no) online reviews showing up on sites like Google, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook, guess what? Nine times out of 10, prospects are going to choose your competitor down the street with the cornucopia of five-star internet reviews.

Literally—studies show that a single bad online review influences 86% of buyers. Those same studies also reveal online reviews have so much influence that just a one-star increase on review websites like Yelp can increase profits by 5% to 9%.

Yeah… it’s safe to say that your online reputation can make or break your business.

Here’s How To Ensure Your Online Reputation Makes Your Business A Killing, Rather Than Kills Your Business…

It used to be that your online reputation was left in the hands of the internet gods. You couldn’t really control it or what people said about you. You basically had to cross your fingers and hope that your customers would say nice things about you to the World Wide Web.

But not anymore.

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) package allows direct control over your online identity. With ORM, you can bolster your online reputation and improve your ratings to significantly boost sales.

Here’s a taste of what our ORM package does for you…

  • Monitors customer reviews across all 170+ review websites
  • Converts happy customers into glowing, sales-producing online reviews
  • Stops negative reviews BEFORE they happen
  • Turns positive reviews into automated SEO-friendly web and social media content
  • Provides regular comprehensive reporting regarding the “health” and status of your online reputation

With ORM, you will see a huge increase in positive online reviews across the review websites that matter most to your business.

Read our ORM FAQ below for more details on why ORM is essential for contractor marketing in today’s always-online world.

Learn More About Online
Reputation Management (ORM)

MYM ORM vs. The Competition


Other Leading ORM Services

The “Getting a Review” Process

Reviews are collected through custom-built landing webpage or widget

Embeddable widget for use on website and in email signature

Separate funnels for positive and negative reviews


Produces reviews on third party review sites (Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.) instead of internally


Targets large, small, and industry-specific third party review websites


Clearly and easily guides customers with simple directions and conversion triggers


Review Request Campaigns

Custom-tailored, personalized email content, scheduling, and sequencing

Automated sending, follow-up, and removal features

Uses API to integrate with other systems

Convenient "kiosk mode" for gathering reviews on location


Shareable review request and opt-in form


SMS (text) messaging to increase reviewer response rate


Printed review invitations and materials for offline integration and conversion


Email signatures with embedded call-to-action for higher conversions


Review Monitoring

Scans review websites for new reviews

Sends alerts when review websites publish new reviews about your company

Alerts include information about review and a link to respond

Extensively monitors 170+ review websites


Includes major, minor and industry-specific sites


Review Marketing

Automatically posts positive reviews to social media

Automatically posts positive reviews to your website

Includes embedded aggregate rating with rich-snippet markup

Available as copy-and-paste embed code

Available as Joomla module and WordPress plugin


Includes reviews gathered throughout the entire internet


Custom criteria and control over review re-publishing


Review Reporting

PDF and web-based performance and trend reports

Report data available through API

Aggregates reports for companies with multiple locations


Reports sent regularly and automatically on a fully customizable schedule


Regular review of your report with an MYM specialist


Online Reputation Management Pricing
Agreement Options Price
6-Month or 1-Year Agreement $599 Per Month
Month-to-Month $799 Per Month

Why Do I Need Online Reputation Management (ORM)? Online reviews are hands-down the ultimate form of social proof. Consider these stats:

  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family
  • A single bad online review influences 86% of prospects
  • People are 58% more likely to leave an online review if they’ve had a bad experience
  • A one-star increase on review websites like Yelp increases business 5% to 9%.

ORM drives more of your happy customers to leave positive online feedback on websites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, or whichever online-review platform(s) you use. In doing so, you enhance your reputation, become a trusted company within your community, and drive more business.

I Already Have Good Online Reviews—Why Do I Need Online Reputation Management? See the second bullet point in the answer above. Just one bad review can “one-shot kill” your reputation and sales. Read this case study to see how a single negative review cost a well-respected roofer with 20+ years in the community $1.5 million in sales.

How Much Work Is Required On My End With Your ORM Service? Basically the only thing you need to do is direct customers to the review funnel we set up for you. To help you drive customers into the funnel, we create an email “drip” campaign and optional SMS messages and printed materials (invites, signage, etc.) for you. It’s a walk in the park on your end. That said, you can take much more control of the process if you’d like. It all depends on how involved YOU want to be.

Do I Get Regular Reporting? If you’re already a PPC or SEO client, you know we’re OCD when it comes to reporting. Our comprehensive reporting provides you with an overview and specific details regarding the health and status of your online reputation. You will always be kept up to date and in the loop.

How Does ORM Prevent Negative Reviews? Unsatisfied customers directed through your ORM review funnel are filtered into a service-recovery process. This gives you the chance to reach out to them to see if it’s possible to correct the situation and make them happy. We do not guarantee this will stop ALL negative reviews, but it will prevent a large portion of them.

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