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Turn Every Sale Into One Or Two Additional Sales

Proximity marketing has been around in the remodeling industry forever. But the old “send 3 postcards” to the neighbors of your customers simply doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did)—and you know it. You need something more robust that both increases the frequency and variety of marketing messages delivered… AND increases the power and passion in the message. That’s where MYMs Super Robust Proximity package comes in: it’s a soup-to-nuts method for harvesting more sales out of every job you do in any neighborhood.

Our Proximity Marketing Package Includes:

  • Customer Overview Sheet
  • Jobsite Sign
  • Take-One Flyer
  • 3 Postcards
  • Check Mailer
  • Canvassing Scripts
  • Door Hanger
  • Cost: $3,000

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST TO IMPLEMENT? It will probably cost you around $1,000 to implement this program for 200 neighbors. Don’t freak out! Test it for 2 or 3 jobs and see how the results look. Assuming you get good results, then you can roll it out to more jobs and more prospects.

HOW DO I MANAGE ALL THIS STUFF? It’s not easy, but it can be done. We can help you with the mailers, but you will have to manage the other elements of the program. As stated above, start slowly, and build on your results. You will find that with a little effort and organization, you can have a steady stream of eager, qualified leads that most of your competitors simply don’t have access to.

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