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New England Painting Company Launches New Website and Goes From 10th Page Ranking To 1st Page Ranking on Google in Just 6 Weeks

Jamie Clark is among many New England painting companies based in Massachusetts. To say that he has some stiff competition would be an understatement. His previous SEO and PPC efforts were average, but they weren’t providing the results that he knew that he could get.

When we had our first SEO Strategy call with Jamie, we agreed that it wasn’t enough to rank for any keywords, he had to rank his site for the right keywords. A combination of niche industry input from Jamie along with MYM’s extensive keyword analysis and competition research, allowed us to put together a list of 30 key terms that were competitive and had search volume as well as representative of No Risk Painting’s target customer.

The first few weeks of the SEO campaign proved challenging. Not only were we initiating a new SEO Strategy, but MYM had also just launched the brand new No Risk Painting website. Both of these launches independently can cause search engine rankings to be inconsistent. When you combine them, you can almost be certain that you’ll see some major fluctuation or drops in your search rankings.

Around Week 3 of the new campaign, we developed 20 high quality, keyword optimized painting related articles and put them onto the website in an effort to try and boost the site’s visibility. This, along with our consistent blog posting, article syndication, link building, and other efforts proved fruitful.

By week 4, No Risk Painting was ranking on the 1st page for 40% of their keywords.

Now, at week 7 of the SEO Campaign:

  • 63% of their keywords are in the top 10 results. (1st Page)
  • 29% of their keywords are in the top 20 results (2nd Page)
  • 8% of their keywords are in the top 50 results (5th Page)

In addition to the increase of keyword rankings, the website has also seen a substantial increase in organic traffic.

View The Report

Current SEO Report—Click Here To View.

We continue to work alongside Jamie to customize his SEO strategy to best suit his needs. This month, we’re launching new service descriptions videos on his website, posting geo-targeted landing pages to help drive more local traffic, and working on developing keyword rich case studies in order to encourage more site visitor engagement and to help rankings continue to grow.

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